Something you need to tell your guests? Not sure if it should go in the invitation envelope, on the wedding website or in the ceremony program? What if they don’t see it in any of those places? How about utilizing charming ceremony and reception signs? You can even get them for free to print yourself!

A guest receiving an invitation two months prior to the special event won’t always remember to bring that invitation or anything included in the envelope. Not every guest will remember to visit the wedding website – no matter how much work you spent on it! And certainly not every guest reads the entire ceremony program; unless there’s an extra-long delay between their arrival and the beginning of the ceremony.

So how do you communicate where to sit, what to do, when to turn off their cell phones and other small things you want to tell them? What if you bought your guests sparklers for weddings to light at a specific time? A few charming ceremony and reception signs can do the trick! Here are some beautiful solutions to wedding problems that require some kind of communication.

Signs With Directions

If your ceremony or reception locations are different, or perhaps a little they’re off the beaten path, a sign indicating to your guests that they’re headed in the right direction is a great way to help them keep calm and show up on time.

Informational Ceremony and Reception Signs

Once they’ve arrived, they probably would love an idea of what is to come – other than the “I dos”. Share a simple, rough outline of the day’s events in an Eco-friendly way. No paper wasted, and everyone should be able to see this sign when it is placed in a central arriving location.

Seating Signs for your Ceremony and Reception

Letting your guests know where to sit during the ceremony is important! No one can remember whether the bride’s family should be on the left and the groom’s family on the right or vice versa. Many couples these days are even opting out of the Bride’s Side and the Groom’s Side by just asking everyone to sit together! Having open wedding seating instead of assigned seating is a simpler method so it’s getting very popular. Telling that message can be clever and charming as well and there’s many great ways to do it!

Signs to Introduce People

Charming Ceremony and Reception Signs imageIntroducing your crew is always a great idea. People love to put names with faces, and it gives your guests a chance to get to know the special people in your life. Doing so with charming ceremony and reception signs can be a beautiful way to include all of this information in a no-fuss kind of way.

Seating (Again)

Finally, the most important thing people need to know is at the reception itself: where am I supposed to sit? Or really, “where can I stash my stuff while I dance?”

There are many ways to present seating at your wedding reception. In fact, it should be at the top of your last minute checklist! If there’s no seating plan, don’t leave guests wondering! Let them know they’re free to go anywhere! Or if it’s not open seating, skip the cards to indicate the tables and have them find their names on a greater seating chart.

Charming ceremony and reception signs are perfect for communicating all of the details. Optionally, you can pair them with other wedding accessories to make the day your own. They enable you to stress less about what you need to share with your guests. Ultimately, it allows them to relax and know that they’re in the right place to have a wonderful time!