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Shop Our Wedding Sparkler Accessories

We offer a wide variety of wedding sparkler accessories to make your celebration amazing! Specifically, check out our torch lighters, sparkler buckets, tags, and display kits to make every detail perfect. Additionally, we strive to provide products at the best overall value. So, we back each purchase with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality and dependability is important, and we are dedicated to helping you create the perfect wedding day experience.


  • Image of a Medium Sparkler Display Bucket - 11 Inches Tall Image of an 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket
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  • Image of a Large Sparkler Display Bucket - 15 Inches Tall Image of a 15" Inch Sparkler Display Bucket
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    Image of an 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display Bucket Image of Our Complete 20 Inch Sparkler Kits

    20 Inch Sparkler Kits – Complete Package

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    Image of a 15" Inch Sparkler Display Bucket Image of Our Complete 36 Inch Sparkler Kits

    36 Inch Sparkler Kits – Complete Package

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  • Bottle Sparkler Holders Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

    Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

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    Image of Our Sparkler Send-Off Display Kit

    Sparkler Send-Off Display Kit (DIGITAL)

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  • Image of "Let Love Sparkle" Tags for Sparklers Image of Sparkler Tags in a Display Bucket

    Sparkler Tags

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    Image of a Torch Lighter Igniting Sparklers Image of Sparkler Torch Lighters on a Table

    Sparkler Torch Lighters

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Choosing the Right Wedding Sparkler Accessories

There are several great options from which to choose when it comes to wedding sparkler accessories. Fortunately, we offer the largest selection in the country right here on our site! We have everything you need from torches to light your sparklers for the send-off to display buckets that match your style. Additionally, our items are the highest quality available, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Displaying Them in Buckets

One of the most elegant sparkler accessories we offer is our galvanized steel display bucket. Typically, they are used for displaying your items at the guestbook table. Additionally, you can use them for your floral centerpieces or other fun trinkets. Plus, if you like customizing your items, check out our chalkboard buckets. You can write whatever you want on the bucket!

High Quality Sparkler Torches

Our special torch lighters are the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done! They produce a flame that’s large enough to light several at one time. Additionally, the high temperature lights them quickly to save you time. Overall, they are the ultimate way to light wedding sparklers!

Downloadable Send-Off Kits

If you want all the bells and whistle, there is no substitute for our sparkler send-off display kit. If you are planning to use your items for a send-off, this digital download gives you everything you could want or need. It includes instruction sheets, checklists, tag templates, and much more. You’ll need to edit and print each item, but you’ll have full control and an elegant end result. If you want every detail to be perfect, this kit is the only serious choice.

Image of Various Wedding Sparkler Accessories

Decorating Them with Pre-Printed Tags

We offer pre-printed sparkler tags to add even more decorative flair! They arrive ready to go, so you can quickly create a beautiful display and move on to other wedding tasks. There’s no need to edit or print your tags like with our downloadable kit; these are already printed and cut. Just make a small hole, slide the tag over your sparkler, and you’re all done. We’ve done all the hard work ahead of time so you can just relax and enjoy your unforgettable day!

No matter what type of activity you have planned or how many guests you expect, we have the wedding sparkler accessories that you need. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as free shipping on orders over $50. You won’t find the same quality products anywhere else, and that’s why we are proud to stand behind your purchase.


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