Whether you’re decorating a reception hall or having a backyard wedding, lighting is an important part of any celebration. It’s important to get the right ambiance, but also to provide a safe amount of light. Many couples consider using LED lanterns for wedding lighting. They are simple to use and are very cost effective, so it is an obvious choice.

LEDs are becoming the new standard across the board. There are eco-freindly options for almost everything now;they even have LED wedding sparklers! However, LED lanterns have a lot more to offer than sparklers when it comes to lighting. Here are a few ways to use them at your ceremony or reception to create the perfect atmosphere for your big day.

Using Them Indoors

Using LED lanterns indoors to create ambiance is both elegant and affordable. Many couples hang them throughout their venue to add a subtle amount of light to specific areas. To spice things up, many couples choose color LED lanterns to add a little variety to the overall theme. Consider making a lighting “centerpiece” of sorts in the middle of your room. It will add light and look beautiful as well.

Additionally, LED lanterns can be used to create other lighting effects. For instance, you can line the corners of your venue vertically with a line of them to create a cool look. Some couples place them on tables to act as a centerpiece. You can even create a backdrop behind the head table by creating an interesting design. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to see why using LED lanterns for wedding lighting is a popular choice.

Using Them Outdoors

Since most receptions happen in the evening, having the right type of lighting is incredibly important. First off, people need to be able to see where they are going. Second, you want to create the perfect type of ambiance to balance well with your outdoor space. Using LED lanterns for wedding lighting outdoors allows you to create the look and feel that you desire.

One popular option is to hang them from tree limbs and branches. This provides a wide coverage area for light that won’t be overpowering. To highlight walkways, consider using white LED lanterns to line the path for your guests. The white light will illuminate where you’re walking, and also make for a cool visual effect overall. You can also use them as table centerpieces or string them above the tables for additional light.

Using Them at your Ceremony

Thou less traditional, there are many ways of using LED lanterns for wedding lighting at your ceremony. Some couples line the aisle with them. Others hang them above the seating for a cool lighting effect. You can even use them to create an archway behind the altar for something a little more dramatic. LED lanterns are incredibly versatile, and that’s what makes them an ideal choice for wedding lighting.

Benefits of Using LED Lanterns for Wedding Lighting

Using LED Lanterns for Wedding Lighting imageWith so many options available, knowing whether using LED lanterns for wedding lighting is the right choice or not can be tough to discern. LEDs offer many great benefits, but can they work in all scenarios? Here are a few things that LED lanterns have to offer and how they benefit you at a wedding.

1.)    Beautiful: These lanterns are both elegant and visually appealing to everyone. Their simple design blends well with any décor, and they are available in a wide variety of different color options.

2.)    Affordable: Price matters when you’re planning a wedding, and every penny counts. However, though saving money is important, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. LED technology offers both affordability and reliability in one beautiful package.

3.)    Energy Efficient: To many of us, using our energy resources wisely is important. LEDs are the most efficient and least hazardous lighting source you can buy. Additionally, since they are so efficient, they require a much smaller battery.

4.)    Completely Reusable: Using LED lanterns for wedding lighting can be great, but there are many other ways to use them as well. Whether it’s a garden party or a huge New Year’s Eve celebration, great ambient lighting is a must. Since they are completely reusable, you can enjoy them time after time. Plus, they fold down flat for easy storage when not in use.

How Many Do I Need?

Determining how many LED lanterns you need can be one part science and one part personal preference. If there are other light sources present, you won’t need as many LED lanterns. If the room is going to be dark, you’ll need one every few feet. The best thing you can do is decide whether you won’t them to act as main lighting or ambient lighting. Then, you can test things out for yourself to make a final determination. Don’t forget, you can get a great amount of lighting by using sparklers for weddings as well!

Overall, using LED lanterns for wedding lighting is the best option for most couples. Combining beauty with versatility and low price creates the perfect storm for couples planning on a budget. Having stunning lighting at your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune, LEDs have changes the way it’s done forever.