Wholesale Wedding Sparklers – Buy In Bulk

Welcome to our wholesale wedding sparklers page. We are proud to offer great discounts on bulk sparkler purchases for retailers and re-sellers. Please fill out the form to apply for a wholesale ordering account. Once you have completed and submitted the form, we will contact you. We will apply a wholesale discount to your user account on Wedding Day Sparklers for all future orders if you qualify.


Who Should Buy Wedding Sparklers in Bulk?

Though most people can buy them through our regular site, some wedding planners prefer to order wedding sparklers in bulk to save money. Additionally, some wedding venues order in bulk as well. In fact, we’ve even had a few boutique wedding shops order at wholesale to sell them at their store. We even supply a website that sells birthday candle sparklers as part of their collection. You may not need that many for a single wedding, but you might if you plan to use them for commercial purposes.

Will I Get Approved?

We have fairly strict guidelines when we hand out wholesale wedding sparklers accounts. The reasons we can give you a discount is because you will purchase a larger amount of sparklers than most people. If you plan to consistently order wholesale wedding sparklers, you will have a higher chance of being approved. If you are looking to get a cheaper price for your wedding, it’s not likely to happen. We ask that we receive serious inquiries only. Thank you.

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