Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Sparklers

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. We have listed below some of our most commonly asked questions about wedding sparklers along with answers and buying tips. Hopefully, reading through this page should help answer any of your ordering or product questions. If you are looking for ideas, please checkout our inspiration section for photos and more.

Knowledge is a powerful tool during the planning process. However, unless you’re an event planner, you will probably only be exposed to these concepts once or twice. So, planning things like a send-off or creating beautiful centerpieces with our products can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, you are not alone! Over the years, we have received all sorts of inquires that create a clear trend in thought-process. To get out ahead of your concerns, we have spent a lot of time compiling this data for your reference; and that is what you will find below.

At Wedding Day Sparklers, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible. It you can’t find an answer among these frequently asked questions about wedding sparklers, please feel free to contact us.

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Common Questions About Wedding Sparklers

Questions are the backbone of every great decision in life. Whether you are just brainstorming or are looking for solutions, being inquisitive is vital. To help you become more informed, I’ve put together this section just for you. Hopefully, these frequently asked questions will serve as a roadmap for your purchasing process.

What are “Smokeless” Wedding Sparklers?

Sparkler sticks are made from two different materials, Bamboo wood or steel. Steel stick sparklers are what is referred to as “smokeless”. This is because bamboo stick sparklers with burn, smoke, and drop ash when ignited. ALL Wedding Day Sparklers are steel stick only, so you will receive smokeless wedding sparklers every time. Bamboo is cheaper to use BUT they will not give you the sparkle, shine, safety and photographic moments you are looking for. Additionally, they can be downright dangerous if they fall apaart during the performance. ONLY PURCHASE STEEL STICK SPARKLERS for your wedding.

Can you Ship Sparklers to Hawaii, Alaska or Outside the United States?

No, due to shipping restrictions, we are only able to ship sparklers to the 48 continental states. All of our orders are sent out by UPS, USPS, or FedEx ground shipping only. Due to USDOT regulations, this is the only way they can be shipped. (view our shipping information page)

Can you Ship the Sparklers Overnight or Expedited Shipping?

No, sparklers are classified as hazardous material and can only be shipped by ground shipping. This prevents us from being able to offer any kind of rush delivery. All Wedding Day Sparkler orders are sent out by UPS ground shipping only. Due to USDOT regulations, this is the only way they can be shipped. (view the details of our ground shipping options)

How Far in Advance Should I Place My Order?

Wedding sparklers have a very long shelf life, so when you place your order is up to you. Remember that sparklers can only be shipped by ground transportation, so make sure to leave plenty of time for them to get to you before your wedding. Shipping takes 1-14 business days to arrive. Wedding Day Sparklers will ship your order the same day it is ordered if placed before 3pm central time or the following day if after 3pm. Orders on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.

What is the Diameter of your Wedding Sparklers?

Many people want to decorate their sparklers with tags; whether they’re purchased or homemade. It is important to know the diameter so you can get the hole size correct. Here are the diameters for our three most popular styles:

  • 10 Inch Sparklers = 0.06″
  • 20 Inch Sparklers = 0.06″
  • 36 Inch Sparklers = 0.125″

Though there are many other sizes available from other retailers, these are the sizes that make the most sense. We only carry versions made with metal wire handles because wooden handles create smoke and can be dangerous.

What are the Best Size Sparklers for Parties and Weddings?

In order to allow enough time for everyone to get their sparklers lit and have them all burning simultaneously, the best size sparklers are either 20 inch (2 minute burn time) or 36 inch (4 minute burn time). 10 inch sparklers have a shorter burn time and are generally better suited for small groups.

Can I Use Sparklers Where I Live?

Each state has a different set of Laws. Besides state laws there can be local restrictions. For this information contact your local Fire Marshal’s Office. Make sure to also check that your event location allows sparklers. Customers assume full responsibility and all liabilities for the possession and use of products purchased from Wedding Day Sparklers.

Are Bottle/Cake Sparklers Safe for Indoor Use?

In most situations bottle/cake sparklers are safe to use indoors, but be advised that you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is a warning label on the packaging, which is required by law, that states “Warning: Not intended for indoor use. Caution emits showers of sparks. Use only under close adult supervision. For outdoor use only, stick firmly in ground in an upright position. Do not hold in hand. Light tip and get away”.


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