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We offer the highest quality sky lanterns and party lanterns that are perfect for weddings! Whether you want to coordinate a group release with our traditional items or you want to create that ideal lighting, we have the perfect items for your needs.



Choosing the Right Sky Lanterns or LED Party Lights

Both sky lanterns and LED party lanterns are a great addition to any celebration. Whether you’re creating a fun activity or just adding lighting accents, you can trust our quality products. However, it can be helpful to know how people are using them to make their special day better. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your celebration.

Using for Sky Lanterns at a Wedding

There are many ways to use our products for weddings, and what you choose is a completely individual preference. Here are 3 popular ways to use them at your wedding to make the day more special.

Group Release

The most common way to use sky lanterns at your wedding is to coordinate a release with all of your guests. Typically, you would have your guests pair up to light and release them as a team. It takes 2 people to properly light and release one, so this is the best method. Overall, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful and majestic it is to watch dozens of Chinese lanterns float off into the distance together! Also, makes for amazing photos to add to your scrapbook!

Unity Release of a Sky Lantern

Instead of doing a group release or having a unity candle or sand ceremony, consider using a these instead. You and your soon-to-be spouse can light and release one together as a sign of unity and love in your new marriage. It can be a unique way to display your love for one another, and it will also make for some excellent photos!

Release Them for Those Who Can’t Attend the Wedding

Many couples have loved ones who couldn’t make it for their wedding. Whether it is a grandparent or friend that has recently passed or just family that couldn’t make the trip for other reasons, releasing one in their honor is a great way to include them in your celebration. It can be a very powerful symbol, and it can add a lot of emotion to your special day.

Decorating Your Sky Lanterns

Decorating our products is a simple and fun way to dress things up. You can hand out permanent markers to have each guest write names, wishes, or blessings on them before they are released. Also, you can use stickers, paint, or any other type of decoration you can imagine. This will enhance your items to make it a more unique and personalized event.

Image of LED Party Lanterns in the Night

Using LED Party Lanterns at a Wedding

For something different, our LED party lanterns are intended for lighting purposes only. Whether you’re having a garden wedding or decorating your own backyard for the event, LED party lanterns provide and elegant lighting solution that will add charm and beauty to your decoration theme. Here are some ideas of how to use them to decorate at your wedding.

Line the Aisle

You can use party lanterns as a way to line your aisle with gentle and subtle lighting for your wedding. This works particularly well if you are planning an evening wedding outdoors because they will actually light your way in the darkness. I prefer to alternate side and place one at each row of seating either on the ground or hanging form a post.

Hang from Trees or Posts

If you plan to use them for general wedding lighting, the best way to accomplish this is to hang them from tree limbs or posts. This will allow you to place them anywhere throughout a garden or backyard for perfect aesthetics. If you are more adventurous, you can run rope or cables from one tree or post to another and hang them from there.

Use Them as Centerpieces

A simple and elegant way to add ambiance lighting to your reception is to place an LED party lantern as the centerpiece for each table. It will provide excellent lighting for your guests. Best of all it will be much less expensive than buying flowers to create centerpieces (unless you choose our wooden roses which are very inexpensively priced). In the end when you price it out, they are by far more economical and even more spectacular.

Why Buy From Us?

With so many companies out there offering sky lanterns for sale, many people ask us why they should choose to buy from us. First off, we offer the very best selection and pricing on the internet. Not only do we have white and color options for sale, but we also offer a shooting star version that creates a trail of sparks as they float away. Best of all, we have the absolute lowest pricing available and we only sell the highest grade biodegradable products.

Additionally, we offer our LED party lanterns for your wedding lighting needs at the best prices. They include LED lights that are the perfect brightness. Also, the batteries are included so you can use them right out of the box.

Our Promise to You

Lastly, our customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee gives our customers the peace of mind that they will receive a high quality product that will work exactly as intended. If there are any problems at all with your order, we will work hard to make it right. That is dependability you can trust and rely on, and that is important when shopping for items to use at your wedding.


Ideas for Using Sky Lanterns and LED Party Lanterns from Our Blog

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