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State Fireworks Laws

Throughout the United States, each state has their own laws and guidelines pertaining to the use of fireworks and wedding sparklers. While novelties such as wedding sparklers are allowed under federal regulations, there are a few states that have limitations their use. Additionally, some have restrictions on the time of year you can use them or may only allow them in certain places.

Moreover, this can be particularly useful information if you are planning to buy your items locally. In some states, find wedding sparklers is virtually impossible. By knowing both state and federal fireworks laws, you can know ahead of time if you are running a fool’s errand. To start, here is a breakdown of the different fireworks classifications and federal consumer fireworks regulations.

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*Please note that while we always attempt to keep this section up-to-date with the latest state fireworks laws, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. This information is for reference purposes only, and you should check with your state or local government before using wedding sparklers at your event. Wedding Day Sparklers is not responsible for errors in the information on this site, and will not be held responsible for any violations of the law.


Are Wedding Sparklers Legal in My State?

As I mentioned before, the United States doesn’t regulate wedding sparklers because they are considered novelties. However, we live in an amazing country where states can create their own rules and regulations, too. Technically speaking, wedding sparklers are legal in every state; provided you can get your hands on them. Sadly, there are a few states that have added additional regulations surrounding them. Though the vast majority of territories allow them all year, there are a few outliers that can be a thorn in your side. I suggest selecting your state from the list above to make sure you’re complying with all local guidelines and regulations.


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