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Welcome to Wedding Day Sparklers – your source for the event sparklers, sky lanterns, and wooden roses. We sell the highest quality wedding sparklers and other novelties, ensuring that your scheduled activities proceed smoothly on your big day. Whether your guest list calls for a big celebration or just a small gathering of your closest friends and family, our sparklers and novelties make a big splash. Plus, they can fit within your budget. As one of the first online suppliers of our products, we have the experience and customer service that you can depend on. Make your wedding day special with our dependable service.

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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.99. We ship your order using either USPS or FedEx SmartPost as our economy option. Or, you can upgrade to ground shipping for a small charge to speed up your delivery time.

Ideas for How to Use Your Wedding Sparklers

Our inspiration section is full of useful tips and ideas to help you get the most out of our products on your special day. From glittering send-off lines to classic photo opportunities, we’ll share with you some suggestions for fun activities that others have enjoyed. No matter how you choose to integrate them into your event, the magic quality that these designer sparklers bring to the party is sure to add excitement to your event.

Customer Service Counts

Our customer service approach places your satisfaction first. We believe that customers shouldn’t be surprised in a negative way. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your entire purchasing process goes smoothly so that your order arrives in plenty of time for your scheduled event. Our satisfied customers send us positive comments and feedback about their experience at their weddings. We display some of them on our customer testimonials page. If you would like to send us comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

How Are Wedding Sparklers Different from Traditional?

They are quite different from those sold for 4th of July celebrations in both design and function. Unlike the traditional ones you might find at local fireworks stands, our products are designed to be used indoors for receptions and other indoor ceremonies. In order to be safely used indoors, they must be low smoke or be completely smokeless to avoid filling the entire room with a cloudy haze. Also, the product and packaging needs to blend with decorations commonly found at weddings. Our packaging is designed specifically to fit with wedding decor and not look like a July 4th decoration. Red, white and blue design has its place, it’s just not at most weddings.

Popular Ways to Use Sparklers for Weddings

With so many brides choosing to feature wedding sparklers in their celebrations, we hear a lot of feedback on how they’ve been incorporated into ceremonies and wedding receptions. With all this great inspiration coming in, we have created a list below with some of the most popular ways to use them to help give couples ideas.

Sendoff Lines – Featuring sparklers in sendoff lines has become a popular trend in the wedding industry. Also known as the “grand exit” or “farewell line”, they’re replacing items such as birdseed, rice, bubbles, and confetti in this timeless wedding tradition. The bride and groom are sent off in style as the sparklers light the path for their exit.

Memorable Photos – Adding them to your most special moments can make the photos stand out in your scrapbook. Classic moments like the first kiss or first dance are beautifully enhanced with your guests using wedding sparklers in the foreground or background. The bride and groom can use sparklers to write words or shapes in the air. Some examples include: the wedding date, the word “love”, or a romantic heart. The lasting light image created can help frame a memorable photo that newlyweds will treasure for a lifetime.

Centerpieces, Decorations, and Favors – Using them as wedding favors is a great way to give your guests an interactive gift that makes them feel like they’re playing a key role in the celebration! By incorporating them as part of your centerpieces or near the place mats, you can add a bit of flair. Particularly our heart sparklers can create a more exciting experience for your guests.

A Guide to Using Sparklers During your Send-Off Line image

Key Considerations When You Buy Wedding Sparklers

Once you’ve made a commitment to purchase these for your big day, there are elements to consider. The first thing you want to consider is how to use sparklers at a wedding in the first place. It’s common to use them for wedding send-off lines, so that may be a good place to start. However, there are many other ideas.

Many people use them in their photos, and for that purpose, you want to use extra long wedding sparklers. Our 36 inch sparkler is perfect for enhancing photos, and it is the longest you can buy. The main benefit for your photos is that they will show up really well in the pictures and they won’t burn out too quickly for you to capture that perfect shot.

Sparklers for Reception or Ceremony?

Most couples choose sparklers for wedding exit lines or memorable photos, but the ceremony can be a great place to use them as well. If you hand them out to your guests before the ceremony, you can have a pretty cool effect at a designated time. You may want your guests to light their sparklers for weddings during your vows or sand ceremony for an added dramatic effect.

No matter your preference, knowing your planned usage will aid you in your purchase decision. Certain circumstances demand a long lasting light, while in other situations, shorter sparklers will serve you just fine. Research your options, and settle on a size that will best serve your needs.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us the go-to source for your celebration? Why should you choose us to handle your order?

The answer is quite simple – Wedding Day Sparklers offers the highest quality products at great prices. All of our sparklers are double dipped to be the brightest and longest lasting on the market; typically outlasting our competition’s products by 30%. The longer lasting effect creates a better experience for you and your guests at your event. Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to buy sparklers for weddings year-round when they aren’t available locally.

We stand behind every order and go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. If you have unused items left after your celebration, we are perhaps the only company who will give you a refund upon their return.

A high quality product at great prices, combined with exceptional customer services, adds up to a great overall value. The experience of using our products will put smiles on your guests’ faces, and your overall experience of purchasing from us will put smiles on your faces.

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