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Just as beautiful as real flowers, our wooden roses will last virtually forever and are much less expensive. They make great keepsakes for your guests!

  • Just as beautiful as real flowers but last virtually forever.
  • Made with birch wood petals.
  • Made with fabric leaves.
  • Features a bendable wire stem for versatile decorating.
  • Perfect for decorations, wedding favors, and gifts.
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Wooden roses are handcrafted; made with birch wood petals, fabric leaves, and a bendable wire stem. The beauty and durability of these flowers makes them a wonderful choice for wedding favors, bouquets and gifts. Put a vase of them on your guests’ table as a great gift for them to take home. Our wood roses are always available in 11 different vibrant colors.

Why Buy Our Wooden Roses?

Our wooden roses are handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Unlike other “generic” versions, ours are made from first-cut birch wood for a superior color and lasting quality. Additionally, every detail of the bendable wire stem and fabric petals are meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen. You simply won’t find higher quality wood roses from any other company online.

Benefits of Wood Roses vs. Real Ones

  • Much less expensive than real flowers.
  • More color options than what your florist offers.
  • Bendable wire stem makes them versatile in any situation.
  • Birch wood petals and fabric leaves will last nearly forever.
  • Add scented oils to the petals for amazing fragrances.
  • Beautiful in your wedding centerpieces.

Best Uses for Wooden Roses

Wood roses can be used in any situation at your wedding in place of real flowers. However, there are certain uses that really benefit from using a flower made from wood. Here are a few fun ideas for your wedding.

Floral Centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to use wooden roses at your wedding is to use them in place of real flowers in your centerpieces. Just fill your vases as if they were regular flowers, but they will last nearly forever and cost a whole lot less. Additionally,you can mix in a few of our sparklers for weddings to really make it a creative centerpiece. You can also add scented oils to your petals for an added fragrance of your choice!

Bridal Bouquets, Corsages, and Boutonnieres

Creating bridal bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres is fast and easy with our products. The bendable wire stem makes it simple to shape the flowers into whatever configuration you desire. Plus, it will save you several dollars each versus paying a florist to make them for you!

Flower Arches

Saying your vows in front of an arch made of flowers is a beautiful idea. However, it is often way too costly to be a reality. If you make it out of these, you can easily create a work of art on a meager budget. Plus, the bendable wire stems make attaching them to the substructure easy.

Cake Decorations

Some couples use real roses on their wedding cake, but ours work so much better! Not only will they look amazing, but they won’t alter the flavor of your frosting. Real flowers will leave undesirable flavors on your frosting, and sometimes even a residue.

Wedding Favors

One of the simplest ways to use wood roses at your wedding is to place one at each place setting as a wedding favor. Your guests can take them home as a keepsake that will last forever.

If you are looking to add the beauty of roses to your wedding but don’t think you can afford it, our products are the perfect solution for you. You can pick them up for less than $0.20 each, so there’s no limit to what you can create with them. When you compare the price, versatility, and longevity of wooden roses to real one, there’s really no comparison at all.

Additional information

Rose Color

Assorted Colors (random), Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Red & Black, White & Blue

Package Size

1/4 Case (50 Roses), 1/2 Case (100 Roses), Full Case (200 Roses)

29 reviews for Wooden Roses

  1. Kayla Christianson

    These wooden roses are much more realistic than I thought they would be. They look just like real roses, but better because they are cheaper and never go bad.

  2. Fran Tyler

    I chose to go with these wooden flowers instead of real ones because they were so much cheaper. at just pennies each, you really cannot go wrong.

  3. Gillian C.

    The color combinations are really great on these wood flowers. I chose the white and purple wood roses and they really looked great on my reception tables.

  4. Suzette Rogers

    I had no idea what to expect with these wooden roses, but I am very pleased indeed. Very good quality items.

  5. Veronica J.

    My friend had wood roses at her wedding, so I started shopping around for my own. These are by far the best prices I could find for wooden roses on the web, and I am very satisfied with the product I received.

  6. Emma Jones

    We were having some serious issues with fitting everything we wanted into our budget, so we were thinking about getting rid of flowers all together. When we found these wooden roses online for so cheap, we snapped them up quick. What a great purchase choice, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Samantha

    I bought these because I was excited about their bendable wire stems, an I am very impressed. These wood roses are very good quality and the stems are very strong.

  8. Allison

    I bought the red and black wooden roses for our wedding and they were simply gorgeous! The colors were very rich and contrasted perfectly on our reception tables.

  9. Dianne Bartlett

    We received the roses on time and they are even more beautiful than we expected. Your customer service is excellent!!

  10. Sharon Wright

    I have been using wood roses at my wedding venue for years because they look very nice but are cheap enough to let the guests take home. I have been using them as an incentive for booking out our venue for a long time, and the low prices and free shipping on these wood roses has made me even more profits. Best prices on the web.

  11. Claudette R.

    We bought some wooden roses as an alternative to real flowers because of their cheap price, but the bendable stem let us put them in all sorts of places you cannot put real flowers. They are really cool!

  12. Stacie S.

    We were on a pretty tight budget for our wedding, but we wanted to have flowers still. We stumbled across these wood flowers, and their low price excited us immediately and we bought a whole case. At first, we assumed we were compromising and taking the cheap route, but it turns out that these wood flowers were much more versatile than we ever expected! The bendable stems allow you to put them in places that real flowers simply cannot go, and they last forever so you can keep them after the wedding is done. These are simply great!

  13. Natalia S.

    I bought these to save money versus buying real roses for my wedding, but I thought they were actually better! The wire stems are great because you can hang your wooden roses pretty much anywhere, and they look like the real deal. Great flowers at a great price!

  14. Savanna C.

    I bought the 1/4th case because I wasn’t sure how these would turn out and I have to say I am very happy with what I got!!! I will definitely buy more!!! We are trying to be as frugal with our wedding as we can and with the price here with what you get I will recommend this website to anyone in the future that is needing something like this!!!

  15. John

    Much cheaper than real flowers and I also gave them out as wedding favors. I also sprayed them with rose scent to make them smell real. Very cool item and saved me $450 on my budget.

  16. JoHanna

    Better than the real thing when you weigh out the price. I added some essential rose oil to make it smell real. Saved us a lot of money!

  17. Pamela

    Much better than the ones they sell at the store.

  18. Alan

    Can’t believe how cheap these were. Worth every penny and more.

  19. Chrissy

    The craftsmanship on these is absolutely insane! These are so much better than regular flowers. And cheaper.

  20. Melanie

    So much cheaper than buying real flowers. They look great.

  21. Patty

    Perfect inexpensive and desirable item for a speedy fundraiser.

  22. Charles from CT

    High quality design. They almost look real!

  23. Laura

    A keepsake I will enjoy forever as a reminder of our perfect day.

  24. Baylee V.

    Save yourself a bunch of money and buy these fake roses instead. They look great!

  25. Treasure O.

    Look real, but get some rose oil to add some scent.

  26. Teque Q.

    So much cheaper than real roses.

  27. Tina F.

    Very inexpensive compared to real flowers. Saved me hundreds and they look great!

  28. Jessi Savio

    These look like the real thing! Add some rose scent and nobody will know the difference.

  29. Adam T.

    I was a bit upset at first when my wife chose wooden flowers instead of real ones. However, in the end, they were by far the better choice! Great quality and saved us hundreds of dollars for our honeymoon. Very happy!

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