Hot CocoaOne of the most memorable things you can do for your guests is to give them a keepsake when they arrive at the reception hall. These little trinkets are called wedding favors, and they are usually simple and inexpensive. Nothing tells your guests that you appreciate them and that you are constantly thinking of them like a thoughtful wedding favor and pulling some great ideas together is very simple. Usually a couple will use the time of year when they are having their wedding, the location, and their personal taste to determine what is the perfect item for their guests.

For couples who are having their wedding in the winter, picking out wedding favors can be particularly fun because the whole goal is to warm the hearts of your guests. Since it is usually very cold outside, giving your guests a wedding favor that makes it glow indoors can be a really nice change-up to the frigid temperatures they endure outside. There are some very popular winter wedding favor ideas that can make your event a huge hit regardless of how cold it gets outside.

Warm Beverages

Giving your guests some warm beverages to take home is a great way for them to remember your special day. Some good choices include coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot cider; but anything that warms you up on a cold day will do. A week or two after your wedding is over, your guests will be at home and wanting something tasty to warm them up. When they make and drink your beverage you gave them as a winter wedding favor, they will look back fondly at the event and smile with every sip they take. Also, serve them with a red wooden rose to make it a great little addition to your celebration!


Candles are another great winter wedding favor for a handful of reasons. They also make for great reception decor on a tight budget! The light alone from a burning candle warms the hearts and hearths of many families through the winter. However, they can also be a great supplemental source of heat. Many people don’t realize it, but lighting some candles throughout the rooms you will be in can raise the temperature between 3 and 8 degrees depending on the size of the room and how many candles you light. Giving your guests a decorative candle as a winter wedding favor that is shaped like a snowflake, snowman, or other wintery shape is a great way to warm their minds, bodies, and hearts.

These are just a few examples of some very popular winter wedding favor ideas to help you see the possibilities that exist. Many couples choose to give out traditional wedding favors during the winter months; which is fine, too. However, finding wedding flowers in the winter can be a challenge. Additionally, if you want to make your wedding as season-specific as possible and give your guests the best experience possible, choosing something warm and festive for your winter wedding favors is a choice you will never regret.