Why You Should Consider Wedding Day Sparklers

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So you are asking yourself, “Self, why should I buy from Wedding Day Sparklers?”. While there are several great reasons to buy from our online wedding sparkler store, we have outlined a few of the best reasons below.

1- We ship the same day or the next day at the very latest. We care that you get your order fast.

2- We carry sparklers packaged and designed for use with weddings. We are not selling leftover 4th of July inventory.

3- We have the best prices. Seriously…we do.

4- We love you. (OK maybe love is a strong word, but we certainly like you.)

5- We answer our phone (when we can get to it fast enough)

6- We answer Emails fast.

7- We ship orders over $50.00 for free.

8- We carry the highest quality sparklers you can possibly find.

9- The owner once freed 30 frogs from his 7th grade science lab.

10- We do what we say, when we say, and how we said we would do it. If everyone did that life would be perfect.

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