Why You Can’t Fly with Sparklers

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Airport SecurityIt may seem obvious to many people that with all of the flying restrictions we have in place today, taking sparklers along for the ride is definitely not allowed. Though the TSA has banned flammable objects onboard their airplanes for well over a decade, people still try to smuggle their fireworks stashes on the plane. Not only is this a hazard concern for the other passengers and the plane, but it is also a really good way to land you in the airport jail and miss your flight.

A lot of people may wonder why someone would even try to bring fireworks or sparklers aboard a plane. Since fireworks laws are pretty lenient in the United States, chances are you‘ll be able to buy them wherever you land. However, there are plenty of states that don’t allow the sale of fireworks, whether part of the year or the whole year, and that can make people want to smuggle them aboard. Here are some things to keep in mind when you plan to travel so you don’t get yourself into any trouble.

Reasons People Try to Take Sparklers on a Plane

There are many reasons that people try to sneak fireworks on a plane, but usually it is due to availability. If you’re in an area or state that allows the sale of fireworks, it can be tempting to bring a few of those babies home for later use. It is important to resist this temptation because it will get you in trouble at the airport and likely at home as well if you can’t legally buy the fireworks that you’re trying to smuggle.

Another reason that people attempt to bring sparklers on a plane is because they are on their way to a destination wedding. When planning a destination wedding, many couples want to get all the details together ahead of time as possible and bring the bulk of their supplies along on the plane. This can lead to an honest mistake when going through airport security, but I assure you that the TSA won’t think it’s funny.

Consequences for Taking Sparklers on a Plane

If you completely ignore my advice and try to take sparklers or other fireworks onto a plane, you better be ready to face the consequences. At the very least, you will be detained in the airport jail until the actual police arrive and will likely miss your flight without a refund. Worst case scenario, if you have high grade fireworks on your person, you can even get illegal transportation charges brought against you at a Federal level and wind up doing time in a Federal prison. To put it bluntly, just don’t try it.

Alternatives to Breaking the Law

Rather than breaking the law by bringing sparklers on and airplane, there are some simple alternative you could consider. First, you can order from a company, such as Wedding Day Sparklers, that offers delivery to anywhere in the continental United States. If that doesn’t work for you, you could locate a local fireworks company where you are traveling to so you can pick them up when you arrive. Regardless of which method you prefer to use, the result will certainly be better than getting caught smuggling fireworks or sparklers on a plane illegally.

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