With so much bluster on the internet about wedding sparklers, it can be hard to discern truth from marketing strategies. Almost every company out there wants you to believe that their sparklers are “the best”. Typically, they try to convince you that the competition’s sparklers are lackluster in comparison. While it’s true that not all wedding sparklers are created equally, it is important to separate the fact from the fiction; including about the invention of wedding sparklers. The easiest way to understand what you’re buying so you can make an informed decision is to learn about the history of their invention as well as details about how they are made. Here is a brief history about the invention of wedding sparklers to get you in the loop.

The Invention of Wedding Sparklers ImageThe Invention of Wedding Sparklers

Prior to Wedding Day Sparklers’ inception, only one other retailer was serving the wedding sparklers market for couples getting married. Unfortunately, they had very limited selection, and their sparklers were not very well constructed (and still aren’t). However, we saw that it wasn’t a new idea, but finding high quality sparklers to use at weddings was nearly impossible through traditional means.

So, we decided to introduce a new type of product to the market which would change the industry forever. We started by partnering with the highest quality sparkler factory in the world. Next, we poured over the details to create a product that would perform perfectly for this purpose. After several years and dozens of new competitors, we are proud to still be the #1 wedding sparkler company on the web. We do this by providing a superior product that can’t be duplicated.

High Quality vs. Low Quality Sparklers

Sadly, there are those out there that believe that “wedding sparklers” are just regular sparklers put into a fancy box. Unfortunately, convincing a certain portion of the population that this is untrue is impossible at this point. Still, there are many companies trying to do just that, and it has given our industry a bad rap. The fact of the matter is that there are 6 factories in the world producing sparklers to this day. Only one of them is producing premium quality sparklers; and that’s who we use as our supplier. Obviously, they are not responsible for the invention of wedding sparklers. However, they re-imagined it and make them to the highest standards.

When they construct a sparkler, they take a piece of metal wire and dip it into a vat of paste that will eventually harden to become the part of the sparkler that burns. Dipping it once creates an uneven coating, and that is what the majority of sparkler manufacturers do. There are 2 other factories which double-dip their sparklers. This allows them to burn much more evenly and consistently from one sparkler to another.

Our supplier’s factory is the only one in the world that triple-dips their sparklers. The result is the most even burning and longest lasting wedding sparklers possible. Moreover, the sparks they create are larger and brighter than any other brand. We are the ONLY company who sells triple-dipped wedding sparklers, and if you doubt the difference I urge you to do a side-by-side comparison of our wedding sparklers versus the competition’s.

New Sizes

Wedding Day Sparklers is also proud that we’ve introduced new sizes and styles of sparklers to the industry. Previously, you could buy 10 inch, 14 inch, and 20 inch lengths of sparklers for your celebration, but we were the first to introduce 36 inch wedding sparklers for maximum burn time and huge effects. We also introduced wedding cake sparklers to the market; something that had previously been unavailable anywhere in the world. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as the invention of wedding sparklers overall. However, we are proud to keep the path moving forward.

There are many who will read this post and view it as a “puff piece” about our own company. However, it was actually written to educate and dispel many of the myths out there about wedding sparklers. We certainly cannot take credit for the invention of wedding sparklers. However, we did re-imagine it from the ground up to become the #1 wedding sparkler company in the entire world. When you couple that with our introduction of new items like bottle sparklers and unparalleled manufacturing practices, we think that you’ll agree that our sparklers are not only the best value but also the highest quality available anywhere; and we always back that with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.