White Shooting Star Sky-Lantern

White Shooting Star Sky Lanterns

Our white shooting star sky lanterns will be a huge hit at your wedding or outdoor party with the added bonus of glittering sparks! Unlike traditional sky lanterns that simply float away into the heavens, our white shooting star sky lanterns also create a delicate trail of sparks.
When purchasing shooting star sky lanterns, you should accept no substitutes if you want the finest quality. We only carry premium brands ensuring that our shooting star sky lanterns are completely flame retardant, 100% biodegradable, and will float as long as possible. For best results viewing the sparkles, these lanterns should be used at night.
Single (1 Lantern) 1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns)
Price: $4.50 Price: $25.00

1/2 Case (18 Lanterns) Full Case (36 Lanterns)
Price: $75.00 Price: $125.00

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What is NOT to Love?

If you have ever used sky lanterns before, then you already know how cool they are. These little guys add a cool sparkling effect which really ups the ante and brings the fun to whole new heights (pun intended). If you like sky lanterns, this shooting star version will not disappoint you!

How Cool!

I had seen these Chinese lantern thingies before, but never quite like this! These literally have sparks that trail behind the Chinese lantern as it floats away which is way cooler than the regular ones in my opinion. Shipping was very fast.

Big Improvement

I purchased some regular white sky lanterns last year for our annual backyard party, and I was actually disappointed with them. I ordered them from a different company, but they look very similar to the ones sold on this website. They worked perfectly, but they were just kind of lame. On a whim, I bought some of these shooting star sky lanterns to see if they were better, and everyone really enjoyed them! If you are shopping for sky lanterns, look no further than these.


I had used regular sky lanterns before, so I thought I would give these shooting star versions a try. The trail of sparks is a really cool additional effect.

by Kristin Goodwin on White Shooting Star Sky Lanterns
Great for Weddings

As a wedding planner, I have bought sky lanterns from a variety of retailers. Wedding Day Sparklers is my go to place because they ship fast and have the best prices. They also have a great selection of sky lanterns.

Like a Shooting Star

The effect these produce is really neat, plus the shipping is fast and free. These are a really great value!

Sparkling Fun

These white sparkling sky lanterns were all the rage at our wedding! I had seen normal sky lanterns, but these ones had a sparkler effect as well so I bought these. What a great product!