White LED Party Lanterns


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Our white LED party lanterns add the perfect amount of light and ambience to any wedding or other event.

  • White in color.
  • LED bulb emits the perfect amount of light.
  • Perfect for weddings and backyard parties.

*These use small button batteries that drain over time. We cannot guarantee the included batteries will hold a strong charge.

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Our white LED party lanterns are a great way to add elegant lighting for your wedding, event, or outdoor party. These paper lanterns feature a built-in white LED light that emits the perfect amount of glow so your guests can see the party but not turn the lights up way too much.

Moreover, unlike our other lanterns that we carry, these items are a hanging lantern; meaning they hang from a tree or deck joist rather than float away like our white sky lanterns. Lastly, each item comes ready to go with a built-in LED light and battery.

How Many Do I Need?

The number that you’ll need varies based on the size of your wedding or event. At a wedding, they are primarily used to line the aisle and provide ambient lighting. However, they work particularly well for backyard or garden celebrations. For large weddings, that can mean upwards of 30 lanterns!

Why Buy Our LED Party Lanterns in the Color White?

White is by far the most elegant and cleanest looking color choice. Primarily, they blend into any décor and they provide a soft and beautiful light. Though our color version can be a good fit for some couples, white is always a winner in my book.

Key Benefits of White LED Party Lanterns

  • The white color fits into almost any wedding color scheme.
  • LED light and battery included.
  • Emits a nice mellow amount of light.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.
  • Perfect for backyard or garden celebrations.

Best Uses for White LED Party Lanterns at a Wedding

There are several fun and unique ways to include these in your event, party, or celebration! Additionally, they can provide some much appreciated lighting. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use them.

Line the Aisle with Ambient Lighting

Placing lanterns along your aisle is a great accent idea. If you are planning an evening wedding, it can be particularly romantic. Just place one on each side of the aisle every two rows. It will light the pathway, and draw attention to the bride.

Garden Party Lighting

Whether it’s a party, a wedding, or another event, gardens are a fantastic setting. Luckily, nature provides a bounty of natural decorating potential. However, hiding a few white LED party lanterns around the plants can create some really cool lighting effects, too. Just be sure you have plenty of them if you plan to use it as your primary light source.

Hang them from the Trees

The easiest way to light up a backyard with these is to hang them from the trees. Potentially, you can hang several from a single branch; and it is very easy to do. Ambitiously, you can hang up 20 or 30 of these and you’ll have plenty of light and a super cool visual effect.

Illuminate a Reception Hall

Some reception halls include ugly fluorescent lighting that makes everything look washed out. Therefore, many brides want to replace that lighting with something a little more flattering. Sadly, it takes quite a few to get the job done. However, these work fantastic if you have enough of them! Place several of them along the ceiling and you will have the right amount of light for your celebration.

Just like we back our sparklers, we back our white LED party lanterns with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We sell products of superior quality that will make your event spectacular. Additionally, we offer real customer service with live humans located in the United States. Overall, you won’t find a more dedicated company.

Additional information

Package Size

1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns), 1/2 Case (18 Lanterns), Full Case (36 Lanterns)

14 reviews for White LED Party Lanterns

  1. Yvonne Vargas

    We bought some of these white LED party lanterns to hang in our backyard for a wedding reception and they really created a great source of ambient lighting.

  2. Angela Massey

    We chose the white LED party lanterns for our outdoor wedding because we wanted something classy and subtle for the lighting. These lanterns really fit the bill and are a great choice for any couple looking for the same sort of thing.

  3. Jeremy T.

    I like to buy a bunch of these LED lanterns to hang in my backyard for the summer. They add a lot of great ambiance for evening parties and sitting around the fire.

  4. Thomas R.

    We are hosting the wedding reception for my daughter and her fiancé in our backyard, so we wanted to find a lighting solution that was both inexpensive and elegant. These LED party lanterns fit the bill nicely, and since they are white they will blend with the other decorations perfectly. We just received them and they are good quality and bright enough to add some elegant lighting.

  5. Maria G.

    It seems like most people are buying these for just an event, but I like to use these party lanterns year-round in my backyard. I prefer the white party lanterns over the color ones because they match everything. Really fast shipping and great quality.

  6. Brenda J.

    Best affordable lighting for a wedding in your backyard. They look classy all lit up in the evening!

  7. Silvio

    Best lighting I could imagine in my very tight garden. Great ceremony!

  8. Justin

    Very high quality compared to many similar that I’ve used.

  9. Katrina

    Super cool ambiance. I use them as lighting in my parent’s basement. Chicks dig it.

  10. Rachael

    Wow. Just Wow.

  11. Shelly C.

    Simple, effective, lighting for my backyard wedding.

  12. Breonna R.

    Simple lighting for a simple outdoor wedding.

  13. Bernice F.

    I use them in my backyard now after the wedding. These aren’t one time use. They can be used over and over. Great value for the money.

  14. Cai Spirit

    Very nice in our garden.

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