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Which Size Wedding Sparklers Should You Choose?

Here at Wedding Day Sparklers, we are proud to be the only company in the United States to offer premium triple-dipped sparklers for weddings. Their construction and design are superior in every way to other brands; sparkling brighter and lasting much longer. We offer three different sizes so you can choose which size wedding sparklers will meet your needs the best.

Typically, the first question a customer has is “what size wedding sparklers do I need?” Since each event is unique and weddings come in all sizes, their isn’t just a single answer. To make things as simple as possible, we’ve created this handy chart to make your decision easier. Here are the differences between our 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch sparklers for reference.

Image of a Size Chart for Determining Which Size Wedding Sparklers You Should Choose


A Breakdown of the Different Sparkler Sizes

Below is a breakdown of the three different sizes of sparklers for weddings. Please take a moment to read through each one to gain helpful information about which size wedding sparklers you should choose. Each type has pros and cons, and these details will help you narrow down which one is the best fit for your celebration.

Image of 10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

As our smallest version available, 10 inch wedding sparklers will perform for between 40-50 seconds each. They are ideal for handing out as wedding favors, or you can place them in your centerpieces to make them part of your table decorations. They are designed with a steel wire handle, so they are considered smokeless and can safely be used at indoor events. However, because of their shorter duration, you’ll need at least 2-5 sparklers for each guest if you plan to use them for a send-off line or wedding exit.

Image of 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

At twice the length as our 10 inch version, you’d probably expect them to last twice as long. However, besides being longer, they are also quite a bit thicker by design. This allows our 20 inch wedding sparklers to last between 2 and 2 ½ minutes for a much lengthier performance. They are ideal for creative photos as well as send-off lines or wedding exits. Additionally, they feature the same smokeless design so they can safely be used indoors. Depending on the number of guests, you only need 1-2 of these per person.

Image of 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

As the longest lasting sparklers for sale in the world, these beauties will keep you entertained for between 3 1/2 and 4 minutes. Because of their long performance duration, our 36 inch wedding sparklers are the best choice for send-off lines and wedding exits. They feature the same low smoke design as their smaller counterparts, so using them indoors is not a concern. Beyond using them for grand exits, they are a great prop for fantastic photo shoots and so much more. Also, their duration means you only need 1 sparkler per guest.


Time Should Determine Which Size Wedding Sparklers You Choose

Overall, the largest factor you should consider when deciding which size wedding sparklers to buy is time. The duration you need for everyone to get them lit and perform the chosen activity is the most important aspect by far. If you choose ones that are too short for your guest list size, they may burn out too soon. Similarly, if you are having an intimate gathering, you don’t want them staying lit for way too long. Ultimately, you want the entire send-off or wedding exit to be as stress-free as possible. By choosing your size based on performance duration, you’ll get the best results.

However, there are some other things that should weigh on your decision, as well. For instance, the amount of space you have available can hinder your ability to use certain sizes safely. Imagine that you have a narrow pathway for your grand exit and you are trying to use 36 inch long sparklers. Obviously, this can be a dangerous situation if the area is tightly packed with people and obstacles. Similarly, if you have 300 guests at your event, short versions like 10 inch sparklers won’t last nearly long enough for you to perform your send-off. In the end, you need to balance the realities of your setup with the amount of time you need along with the amount of space you have available. Only then can you choose the right wedding sparklers for sale from your chosen vendor.


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