Shopping for supplies for your wedding can be challenging when balancing your needs and your budget. However, deciding where to buy wedding sparklers can be a particularly difficult process. First off, there are several criteria that sparklers must meet in order to be used safely at a wedding. That alone can make finding the right sparklers for your wedding a daunting task. Furthermore, there are several different sizes, shapes, and colors of wedding sparklers available these days. Sadly, that can complicate matter even more.

However, deciding where to buy wedding sparklers isn’t actually that tough. There are some very obvious places that you may not have considered; and they will sell sparklers that are specifically designed for weddings! Here are a few of your best options when trying to decide where to buy wedding sparklers, both online and locally in a brick and mortar store; as well as a few tips to help you get the best price and the best features for your needs.

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers Online

Shopping for your wedding sparklers online is always going to be the most affordable option. Additionally, online stores will offer a much wider selection of wedding sparklers than anywhere else. When deciding where to buy wedding sparklers online, consider these options to find the ones that will work best for your big day.

A Wedding Sparkler Specialty Store

For the best selection and prices, you should always check a wedding sparkler specialty store first. Right here on our site, you can shop our sparklers for weddings and choose from over a dozen different options. We ship them right to your doorstep, and most orders will arrive in just a few business days. There are other stores that offer these products for sale online, and we of course expect you to shop around. Doing research when you’re deciphering where to buy wedding sparklers online is always a great idea. However, we believe that you’ll find our prices, quality, and selection of wedding sparklers is much better than any other online store.

“Big Box” Online Retailers

Wedding sparklers have become so popular that they have migrated from only specialty stores to big box online retailers like Amazon and others. It’s certainly possible to find a great price on wedding sparklers through one of those bulk retailers. However, the quality of their products are usually lackluster at best. When you’re deciding where to buy wedding sparklers, make sure you take into account the quality in addition to their cost. We think you’ll agree that buying from a niche specialty shop like ours will give you the best overall value for your money.

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers Locally

Image of Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers LocallySome people prefer to shop locally at a brick and mortar store, and there are certainly options available to you. Typically a local store will have higher prices and fewer types of sparklers than what you’ll find online. So, take that into consideration when you’re choosing where to buy wedding sparklers for your celebration. Nevertheless, here are a few options to help you find what you need locally.

Wedding Supply Shop

Your best bet if you’re trying to find out where to buy wedding sparklers locally is a wedding supply shop. Sadly, most shops won’t stock wedding sparklers on their shelves. However, sometimes you can have them ordered so you can pick them up in just a few days. If you’re lucky, your local wedding supply shop will have a limited selection of sparklers for weddings on hand to purchase same day. You won’t get as wide of a selection or as low of a price as you would online. However, sometimes getting them fast is more important to a couples who are getting married ion just a few short days.

A Local Fireworks Store

Another option if you’re looking for where to buy wedding sparklers locally is a fireworks store. Most states allow seasonal fireworks stores to open up shop during the summer months, and that is right during peak wedding season. Your local fireworks store should have no shortage of sparklers on their shelves, however, the chances of find sparklers that are packaged for weddings is pretty slim. If you don’t care what the boxes that your sparklers come in look like, buying from your local fireworks store is an excellent option.

Grocery Stores

we’ve all gone grocery shopping around the 4th of July. So, you’ve probably seen the little displays of sparklers that grocery stores setup near the registers. Similar to shopping at a fireworks store, the selection is usually quite limited. Furthermore, there won’t be any sparklers that are appropriately packaged for weddings. However, if you’re in a pinch, your local grocer can be a viable option; especially when you’re looking for where to buy wedding sparklers locally.

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers at the Last Minute

Some couples find themselves in a real time crunch and need to buy wedding sparklers at the last minute. Though it’s always better to give yourself as much time as possible, sometimes it’s completely unavoidable. Your best option in this scenario is to head to your local fireworks store. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with what you have. Typically, it only takes a few business days to have wedding sparklers shipped from our store or another online specialty shop. However, a fireworks store will be your fastest option to get the product in your hands.

The Best Place to Buy Wedding Sparklers

We are a little biased, of course; but we feel that Wedding Day Sparklers is the best place to buy sparklers for your wedding. We have put in years of research and dedication to amass the best selection. The result is sparklers that are low priced, high quality, and packaged exclusively for weddings. While other online retailers offer similar looking products, you should take a moment to read some reviews of our wedding sparklers and compare them to the other guys. We think you’ll agree that what other couples say does matter when deciding where to buy wedding sparklers for your celebration. There is no other company that is more highly reviewed or recommended than Wedding Day Sparklers.

No matter where you choose to buy the sparklers for your wedding, we hope that they add a touch of magic to your photos or send-off line. Hopefully, they make your already special celebration the most memorable day of your life.