Whether you are shopping for a wedding, a festival, or another type of celebration, knowing where to buy sky lanterns can be a challenge. Sadly, there are many states that have laws prohibiting their sale and use. Additionally, they aren’t the type of product that most retailers will carry. Furthermore, there are several different shapes and sizes available to make things even tougher. Lastly, most of the retailers who do stock them only have them for a few weeks out of the year. So, what are you supposed to do?

Fortunately, deciding where to buy sky lanterns doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are a few places that likely aren’t on your radar, as well as a few spots you would never think to look at all. To help, I’ve put together this list of the various options you have for shopping. Here’s what you need to know.

Where to Buy Sky Lanterns Online

Image of a Person Shopping OnlineChoosing to shop online for sky lanterns is an obvious choice for most consumers. You don’t have to go anywhere, there are no long lines, and they show up right at your front door. But how do you know where to look for good quality and fair prices? Here’s a quick breakdown to get you going.

A Sky Lantern Specialty Store

When shopping for a specialty item, finding a store that specializes in those items is always a wise choice. Fortunately, there are also sky lantern specialty stores online to serve your needs. In fact, you can shop for sky lanterns right here on this very website! We offer a great selection of options to suite any taste or need. Additionally, we have the best prices and your items will arrive in just a few days. Overall, this is your most convenient choice to get high quality products at a reasonable price.

Major Chain Store Websites

Similarly, another place to buy sky lanterns online is the major chain store websites. This can range from physical stores like Walmart to online superstores like eBay or Amazon. However, most of the products found on these sites are going to be generic and very low quality. Additionally, they don’t always offer shipping to every state. This option will work if you live in certain regions or if you are in a bind. However, choosing a specialty shop is always a preferable choice.

Where to Buy Sky Lanterns Locally

Image of a Retail Complex for Shopping LocallyOf course, sometimes you need to know where to buy sky lanterns locally for a variety of reasons. First, you may need them the same day. Second, you may want to look at the product before you actually pay money for it. Fortunately, there are a few local places that you can try if you are in a pinch. Here’s a quick rundown.

Party Supply Store

Party stores are a great option because almost every city has one. Additionally, they have great hours and usually keep their prices competitive. However, not every party supply shop will stock sky lanterns on their shelves. Ideally, you should call ahead and ask if they have them before you hop in your car.

Local Fireworks Shop

Fireworks stores are a really great place to look for them. Even though they aren’t actually a “firework”, this is still one of most common places to find them. However, most fireworks stores are only open for a brief part of the year; and that means you could have a very narrow window of opportunity to make your purchase. Nevertheless, they are a great resource if there happens to be one open and nearby.

Grocery or Department Store

Another place to check if you are looking for where to buy sky lanterns locally is the grocery or department store. Again, they will usually only have them available during the summer months. However, it is a viable place to find them. Remember to ask an employee if you can’t find them; they may have some stashed in the back room!

Where to Buy Sky Lanterns Right This Second

If you are really pressed for time and need them today, your best option is to check the local party store or fireworks shop. They are your best chance to have what you need right this minute. However, most online retailers offer expedited shipping options if you can wait a day or two. That’s still your best bet if you can manage to wait just a little bit longer.

Can I Build My Own in a Pinch?

Image of DIY Sky Lanterns a Person MadeOccasionally, I am asked about building sky lanterns from materials commonly found in your home. Though the construction seems straight-forward, the materials are where things get complicated. For starters, everything needs to be flame retardant. That can be quite the tall order for the average American home. Additionally, you’ll need a high quality fuel cell; which blatantly isn’t feasible to craft in any reliable way at home. Sure, there are some instructions to build them available online; but trust me they are not worth the hassle, time, or risk.

The Best Place to Buy Sky Lanterns

Since we sell them on our website, we obviously have a skewed opinion about where you should do your shopping. However, we have very good reason to feel that way. We have the best selection, pricing, and fastest shipping online. Additionally, our hand-picked items are selected for their quality, not their profit margins. Lastly, we stand behind our products 100% and offer the best customer service in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we put the customer first and offer the best quality items at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Regardless of where you decide to shop for your sky lanterns, they will be an excellent addition to your celebration. I implore you to choose a reputable brand known for quality and avoid purchasing based solely on price. If you choose the right items, your group release will be as spectacular as you imagine.