It’s that time of year again, and families across the country are starting to make their plans for Independence Day. For many people, it’s a tradition to head to a local store to get fireworks for your celebration. However, many people simply don’t have the luxury of having access to them at a nearby establishment. Fortunately, you can easily find sparklers on a wide variety of websites to have them shipped right to your home! However, knowing when to order sparklers for July 4th online so you get them in time is another matter all together.

To help, of created this simple guide to give you all the info you need. From understanding your options to knowing when the right time to purchase is, I have tried to cover it all right here. Hopefully, this guide will educate you enough to make it a simple and speedy process. Let’s get started.

Sparklers in Short Supply

Image of Empty Store Shelves Without Any SparklersOne thing that many consumers will face is that there is still an ongoing shortage of fireworks and sparklers in the United States. I discussed before how COVID-19 broke the sparkler supply chain, and sadly the problem still isn’t resolved. Additionally, labor shortages have made regular deliveries within our country take longer than they did before. As the 4th rapidly approaches, finding products locally is going to become increasingly difficult; if not downright impossible! For many, shopping online is going to be the only viable option if you want to avoid disappointment.

Our website will not run out (we planned ahead for supply chain issues), but waiting too long could mean that you didn’t order sparklers for July 4th online with enough time for delivery. My best advice is to plan ahead, order early, and not be caught off-guard by empty store shelves.

Shipping Options for Sparklers

Another obstacle at play is the way that our products need to be shipped for legal purposes. Since sparklers are considered “hazardous”, they cannot be shipped via air; meaning overnight shipping is simply impossible. Instead, all orders must be shipped via ground methods. We have two shipment options, and I’ll outline them below.

Economy Shipping (Slowest and Cheapest)

Our most cost-effective shipping method is obviously the most popular choice since it is the least expensive; and in many cases free to the buyer. However, it also requires ordering further in advance than our other option. If you choose our economy shipping option, you can expect it to take up to 2 weeks for your package to arrive. By planning ahead, you can save some money if you do it this way.

Ground Shipping (Faster but More Expensive)

Our other option is is called ground shipping and is much faster. However, it also will cost you extra due to it being the most expensive choice. We use FedEx or UPS Ground for these shipments; depending on whichever is faster to your delivery address. Usually, your package will arrive in 1-6 business days with this method. This is a great choice for anyone who is ordering at the last minute or just wants to get their sparklers as quickly as possible.

Deadline for When to Order Sparklers for July 4th Online

Deadline for Ordering is Fast Approaching imageFor those wanting to get down to “brass tacks”, knowing an absolute “deadline” for ordering can be helpful. Obviously, shipping takes longer in certain areas of the country due to being farther away from logistics hubs. Overall, the fastest method is always going to be our ground shipping option if you’re on a time crunch. I advise everyone to review our published time estimates to make a final decision. However, you need to order sparklers for July 4th online no later than June 24th if you want to be certain they’ll arrive on time.

Will Prices Change Before the 4th of July?

A common question that I receive from potential buyers involves the pricing of our products. If you’ve ever been to a fireworks tent the day after the 4th, you know that things typically go on sale. However, the selection is limited and finding even a single sparkler can be next to impossible. But what about a potential sale that happens leading up to Independence Day? Are prices going to improve before the holiday arrives?

Historically, fireworks simply do not get cheaper leading up to a high volume sales day. These products sell themselves, so lowering the price would be counter-intuitive to businesses. Furthermore, with the ongoing supply chain issues, most retailers aren’t in a rush to empty their coffers. So, is there any advantage to waiting? In my experience, the only result of postponing a purchase will be a more limited selection. The choice is yours, of course; but I advise ordering early and having them in hand with plenty of time to spare.

Video Tutorial on How to Order Sparklers for July 4th Online

Is Purchasing Online the Best Option?

Deciding on when and where to make your purchase can make all the difference to what you have at your party or event. If you have your heart set on buying sparklers for the 4th of July, you should always get them early so you have the best selection. This is true whether you purchase at a store or online. Overall, you’ll always have the best selection online. However, it’s always convenient to be able to grab them off a shelf from a nearby store. Only you can decide which route to take, but the key takeaway should be getting them ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Hopefully, this guide has answered you questions about when to order sparklers for July 4th online to get them on time. Everyone has their own comfort level for risk, and you’re essentially “playing chicken” if you try to wait too long. Ordering online is fast, simple, and offers the best selection; provided that you place your order with ample time for delivery. As long as you order at least 6 business days ahead of time, you should have them in time for your patriotic holiday celebration. Good luck and have a very happy 4th!