When putting together your wedding plan, there are a lot of little details to keep track of. Obviously, there are large components like choosing a dress or selecting the perfect venue. However, smaller things like ordering flowers and choosing your decorations are important, too. On top of organizing all the various wedding planning elements, you also need to pay attention to the timing of these things. Unless you have a lot of extra storage space, you probably don’t want piles of supplies sitting around your house for months in advance. And, with items like sparklers, you certainly don’t want to overpay. So when is the best time to buy wedding sparklers to balance all of these factors? Here are some tips to help you plan ahead and purchase at the perfect time.

Most Common Time of Year for a Wedding

Image of a Happy Couple at their October Wedding CelebrationUnderstanding trends can go a long way to help you make decisions about planning your wedding. No matter which aspect of an event you’re looking at, knowing the most popular times of year for weddings can be beneficial. Traditionally, summer and fall months have been the most popular choices for brides. However, the trend has recently shifted more towards fall and away from the heat of summer. In fact, October has emerged as the most popular month to get hitched. A whopping 20% of all nuptials were conducted in October over the last 3 years, and 42% took place from September to November! When deciding on the best time to buy wedding sparklers, avoiding peak demand can help you save a lot of money.

How Far in Advance Should You Purchase?

Anyone considering the question of when is the best time to buy wedding sparklers is likely paying attention to lead time. Obviously, you need to have them with plenty of time left on the clock before your big day arrives. Depending on how you plan to shop, there are different things to consider. If you are ordering your wedding sparklers online, you’ll need to factor in things like shipping and handling time. Conversely, if you plan to source them locally, you’ll want to make sure they are in stock so you don’t run into supply issues. Either way, it’s a good idea to get them extra early so you can test them out and prepare for your actual event.

For online orders, it’s best to order 3 weeks in advance. Since most deliveries happen within a week or two, this will give you some breathing room to sample the goods. Similarly, if you are shopping locally, you’ll still want them in your hands at least a week in advance. That way, you can coordinate with your wedding photographer and have everyone on the same page. The last thing you want is to be flying by the seat of your pants when your big day finally arrives!

When is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Sparklers for Low Prices?

The next thing you need to consider when deciding on the best time to buy wedding sparklers is pricing. For many online retailers, demand is strong enough throughout the year that sales and discounts are rare. However, if you shop during the winter or spring months, some sellers may be willing to offer a discount. For instance, some online retailers will run Black Friday sales on sparklers to pad their end of year numbers. Similarly, off-season sales can occur; so stay vigilant and start your search as early as possible.

If you plan on shopping locally, consider hitting up some of your local fireworks retailers shortly after the 4th of July. Most fireworks shops are mainly seasonal, so a lot of their inventory goes on major discount later in the summer. Sadly, not every purveyor of sparklers will have products that are suitable to be used as sparklers for weddings. However, if you get lucky, it can save you a bundle on a purchase you are planning to make anyway.

How Long Can You Store Them Before They Go Bad?

Image of Wedding Sparklers in a Storage Box Ahead of the EventAnother major concern when deciding on the best time to buy wedding sparklers is their longevity. After all, nobody wants to buy a product and have it go bad before they even get to use them! Luckily, sparklers are perfectly suited for long-term storage as long as the conditions are right. First, you want to keep them away from direct sunlight. Some of the oxidizing agents that they contain can dry out with too much heat making them perform less than stunningly. More obviously, you need to store them in an area that is free from excess moisture. Even high humidity can cause them to take on moisture which will make them more difficult to light. Ideally, you want to keep them indoors in a climate-controlled area. As long as you properly store your sparklers, they can last several years without degrading at all.

Buying Locally vs. Shopping Online

Lastly, you need to decide once and for all whether you are planning to shop online or buy locally if you want the best deals. In order to find the best time to buy wedding sparklers, you need to focus your attention on the place you plan to shop. Throughout this article, I’ve laid out the pros and cons of both clearly. Hopefully, you already have a plan in place. However, sometimes the choice has to be made for you. If you don’t happen to have a fireworks retailer nearby, obviously you need to look online. Conversely, if you want to shop locally, you should discuss your needs with the store as soon as possible to ensure they’ll be able to provide what you need. Once you know where to buy wedding sparklers for your situation, you can easily start planning for the perfect timing.

I hope that this information has given you all the tools you need to make the best choice possible. There are obviously many things to consider. However, having your ducks in a row will allow you to focus on the ultimate goal of getting the lowest prices possible on wedding sparklers. Good luck and have a great celebration!