As always, we receive a tremendous amount of comments and questions from our many customers. Most are happy brides expressing gratitude, but sometimes they simply have questions. To address these queries, we have decided to publish a Q&A piece periodically. In this edition, we will cover the common topic of “When Can I Use Wedding Sparklers” in its various forms. But we will cut right to the chase; here are five questions and answers on that topic.

Can I Use Wedding Sparklers in All Weather Conditions?

Sparklers in general are pretty durable in most weather conditions. However, there are certainly some obstacles that you may face in certain scenarios. For instance, if you are trying to light your sparklers on a windy beach, it can prove very difficult to achieve ignition. Additionally, a heavy downpour can get them soaking wet and extinguish them. Though light rain won’t affect them, a severe storm can be another story.

Lastly, your safety is very important. Besides the ill effects certain weather conditions can wreak on your sparkler usage, it can also put you in harm’s way. Use your best judgment, and never try to use them in conditions that are even mildly unsafe.

Can I Still Use Them if the Boxes are Damaged?

Packaging for a variety of products can easily become damaged during shipping; and these are no exception. Though receiving damaged items from our store is rare, it can still happen. Moreover, perhaps you purchased your items somewhere else and they were damaged in transport. Regardless, knowing whether they are safe to use or not to use is not always ascertained by looking at the box.

More important than the packaging is the condition of the wedding sparklers themselves. Carefully inspect each item you remove from a damaged box for signs of cracking or missing pieces. If everything looks to be completely normal, they are likely okay to use. Typically, the worst that can happen is they fizzle out prematurely.

Can I Use Wedding Sparklers at Any Venue?

This is something you’ll need to discuss with your venue directly. Every venue has its own rules about what is allowed and what is prohibited, so they are the only ones who can give you guidance on this topic.

With that said, the vast majority of places will make accommodations if you ask. They may require a special insurance fee, designate an outdoor area for your activities, or any number of other conditions before they give you the green light. However, if you are prepared and responsible, you shouldn’t have any issues getting approval.

Can I Use Wedding Sparklers Indoors?

As long as you purchase smokeless wedding sparklers, you can safely use them indoors. The key is that they need to be made with a metal wire and be gold in color. Any other version of sparkler will create smoke and cause issues during indoor use. However, you should always use them outdoors when at all possible. Additionally, be sure to ventilate your indoor space properly to keep fresh air circulating freely.

Lastly, make sure you use them in a spacious indoor area. The largest hazard, even if they are smokeless, is fire or injury. By providing ample space, you can ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone involved.

Can I Use Them Legally in My State?

Similar to the venue question, you’ll need to look at your state fireworks laws. Additionally, some cities, counties, or other jurisdictions may have laws pertaining to their uses as well. Your best bet is to call your local government center and ask them if there are any restrictions.

However, sparklers are a “gray area” because they aren’t technically classified as “fireworks”. Instead, the US Government classifies them as “novelties”; which are 100% legal in their eyes. So, unless your state specifically prohibits sparklers, they are likely legal to use.

In Conclusion

Though there are many questions pertaining to when you can and cannot use wedding sparklers, they still remain one of the most cherished parts of many celebrations. This Q&A covered the five questions we hear the most, but there is so much more to know! However, the bottom line is this: they are durable and safe to use indoors, but you’ll need to check with your venue and your local laws first.

We want to keep sharing ideas, solutions, and everything else to make your wedding experience even better. If you have a question we haven’t covered or just want more information, feel free to contact us. We will happily respond back to you, and we may even post our response in the next edition of our Q&A chronicles!