Over the years, I’ve heard pretty much every question about sparklers that you could imagine. However, one of the most frequent questions is what makes wedding sparklers so special? How are they different from other versions available on the market? Well, I thought I’d take a moment to address this topic in greater detail, once and for all.

First off, it’s easy to see why there is so much confusion; you go into a local store to buy sparklers and they don’t really give you much information. Usually, the box will tell you what color they create. However, that is usually all the details you can really discern; beyond the hideously tacky packaging. With the market being a complete free for all, it breeds a situation of complete ignorance as to what you’re purchasing. Here is a breakdown of what makes wedding sparklers special.

Smokeless Design

Image of a Couple Kissing While Holding Smokeless Wedding SparklersThe most important factor that makes them unique is the fact that they are completely smokeless sparklers. This is very important for weddings because many times the event is taking place indoors. However, it’s also important when they are used outdoors to avoid having hazy pictures. There are two main factors to being smokeless; burning the color gold and being made with a wire handle. Here is a breakdown of each of those factors.

Performs in the Color Gold

If you purchase sparklers that are a specific color, they have added pigments to achieve that result. Conversely, ones that perform in the color gold have absolutely zero added pyrotechnic colorants. Gold is the natural color of the pyrotechnic compounds as the burn. Since pigments add a dramatic amount of smoke, they cannot be part of a smokeless sparkler compound.

Constructed with a Steel Wire Handle

Typically, there are two different materials used for sparkler handles: bamboo or steel wire. Steel wire handles have the distinct advantage of not creating any smoke during the performance. However, bamboo will smolder as the sparkler burns creating additional unwanted smoke. For these reasons, the combination of no pigments and a steel handle design play a major role in what makes wedding sparklers special.

High Quality Construction

Image of Sparklers Made from Metal for a HandleWeddings are a very important event, so you want every detail to be perfect. In a casual backyard barbecue, buying cheap sparklers isn’t much of an issue. Some will work great, others will be duds, but life goes on. However, having issues during your wedding exit with sparklers would be a huge letdown. Here are a few factors that make their construction much higher quality than other versions.

Thicker Steel Handle

Most manufacturers use a very thin gauge wire to make their steel handles. However, thin steel can easily bend or break while your guests are holding them. Instead, our manufacturers use a much thicker wire for durability, safety, and comfort. This prevents them from getting bent in their boxes and plays a key role in what makes wedding sparklers special.

Triple-Dipped for Consistency

Most manufacturers try to make things as cheaply as possible. For most situations, people don’t mind if a few of their sparklers don’t work properly. However, expectations are much higher in a wedding scenario. Typically, the manufacturing process consists of dipping each handle into pyrotechnic slurry. Some higher end companies will use a double-dipping process that creates a more uniform coating. However, our process uses a triple-dipping method for the most consistent and spectacular results. Just like extra coats of paint will look nicer and be more durable, the same is true for pyrotechnic slurry.

Fresh Stock from the Supplier

Lastly, the versions that are sold at most retail outlets are old stock carried over from the previous years. To get the best prices, most companies order several years worth of sparklers and keep putting them on the shelves until they are gone. However, this increases the chances of damages from shipping, moisture, and other potential problems. Conversely, we get fresh wedding sparklers in stock 4 times per year directly from the factories. That ensures you will receive a high quality item that hasn’t been damaged from repeated transit or storage.

Elegant Packaging

Packaging isn’t very important for most types of events, but it can be detrimental at a wedding. Nobody wants to see red, white, and blue packaging on the tables at their reception venue! Fortunately, our products are packaged in very elegant boxes that match the colors found at weddings. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of accessories for wedding sparklers so you can get the perfect results! Whether you want to display them in buckets or decorate them with custom tags, we have options to fit any plan. Don’t waste your time dressing up ugly packaging; our items will arrive beautiful and ready to present to your guests right out of the case.

Size Options

Most places don’t offer different length options; they only offer the short 8 inch versions. However, the size you choose will directly impact how long you can expect the performance to last. This is very important at a wedding because they are typically used for specific activities. Below is a quick list of different uses along with the estimated “sparkle time” needed. Then, I’ll cover the different sizes and how long they last. Hopefully, the only other info you need is how many people you’re expecting at your celebration. With this information, you can see how it makes choosing the perfect option simple.

Different Uses and Performance Time Needed

Image of Sparklers Burning in a JarKnowing how long you need them to perform is ital when choosing your wedding sparklers. Fortunately, I’ve compiled this complete list of uses and added the ideal duration you want.

  • Use them as send-off line props. (1 ½ to 4 minutes)
  • Write in the air for photos. (1 ½ minutes)
  • Create a backdrop for photos. (1 ½ minutes)
  • Add them to floral centerpieces. (30-45 seconds)
  • Place them on tables in sparkler holders. (30 seconds to 1 ½ minutes)
  • Put them in buckets near the guestbook. (30 seconds to 4 minutes)
  • Use them to highlight your first dance. (1 ½ to 4 minutes)
  • Illuminate the path as the bride makes her entrance. (1 ½ minutes)
  • Create the perfect ambiance for the couple’s first kiss. (30-45 seconds)
  • Replace the traditional unity candle. (1 ½ minutes)
  • Place them on your wedding cake for an extra level of pizzazz! (45 seconds)
  • Attach them to your champagne bottles before the big toast. (45 seconds)

Finding the Perfect Size for You

Once you know how long you want them to last, you can determine which size you need. Here’s a quick list of the different size options and how long they perform.

  • 10 Inch Sparklers: Last 30-45 seconds and are perfect for decorative situations or short activities.
  • 20 Inch Sparklers: Last 1 ½ minutes and work great short and medium duration activities. They even work great for send-off displays for weddings up to 120 people.
  • 36 Inch Sparklers: Last 3 ½-4 minutes and should only be used for large weddings or lengthy activities such as wedding exits.
  • Bottle/Cake Sparklers: Last 45 seconds to 1 minute. You can use them as bottle sparklers for champagne toasts or use them to decorate your cake.

Versatility and Quality is What Makes Wedding Sparklers Special

As you can see, there is a lot of thought put into selecting the right products. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting and made the choices pretty simple. Now that you know what makes wedding sparklers special and how to choose the right size, the process should be much less daunting. As always, you can always contact us with any questions or concerns before ordering. I hope this guide was helpful, and I look forward to sharing again with you soon!