Many couples are looking for a fun activity to segue between the ceremony and reception. Other couples want to leave the reception at the end of the celebration in style. Either way, some sort of exit is going to be required. But what is a wedding exit exactly? How do they work and when are they performed? To answer all of your questions, we have created this simple guide to clarify all of the details. Here is what you need to know.

How Does a Wedding Exit Work?

In essence, a wedding exit is an additional activity to add closure to your event. Traditionally, a couple would exit their venue and proceed to the limo. After that, they head out on their honeymoon to begin their new lived together. However, by staging a wedding exit you can get your guests involved and capture some great pictures that you will adore.

To pull it off, you simply line everyone up along the path you plan to take during your exit from the event. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it’s literally about your guests seeing you off. You can shake hands, give hugs and kisses, or whatever else your heart desires. The over-arching point is to get some face time with everyone once more before you depart to the next adventure. If you want more information, we have a handy wedding exit checklist that can provide more details.

When Do You Perform your Wedding Exit?

In general, there are two acceptable times to perform a wedding exit. Most commonly, couples do their exit at the end of the reception. It’s literally their last appearance at the event. After their farewell, they hop into a limo and drive off into the sunset.

However, it is also acceptable to sandwich it between the ceremony and reception. Many couples book a reception hall separate from their ceremony venue. Just after the ceremony, you can perform your wedding exit before everyone is shuttled to the reception hall. It pretty much replaces the greeting line found at traditional celebrations. It is also a great way to set the tone for the evening; demonstrating that you are there to have fun.

How Many People Can Participate?

One of the best things about a wedding exit is that there is no limit to the number of participants. If you have 500 guests, it’s just going to be a really long send-off line. You can opt to have people stand two-deep if you are worried about running out of pathway.

Similarly, many couples choose to include the wedding party in their exit. Think of a recessional, except it’s actually more like a processional in practice. Starting with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone files out in pairs. The bride and groom go last, and it marks the conclusion of either the ceremony or reception. There are really no rules or “maximum capacity” for this type of activity, and that makes it a great fit at an size event.

Photo of a Couple Kissing During Thie Wedding Exit Under SparklersAre there any Accessories I Should Use?

Like everything else at your event, the details and accessories make all the difference. Historically, items such as rice or birdseed have been tossed during the send-off. In modern times, most couples opt for confetti, flower petals, or even special wedding exit sparklers to add another element to the activity. No matter what accessories you choose make sure you have your photographer at the ready for some amazing additions to your scrapbook.

Additionally, feel free to hand out fun hats, sunglasses, and noisemakers to your guests. Remember, they are going to be involved in the exit, too; so you need to make sure they have a great time. By handing out some props and kazoos, it ensures that everyone is participating to the fullest extent possible.

Should I Have a Wedding Exit at my Celebration?

The choice to have a wedding exit at your celebration should not be taken lightly. It adds a whole plethora of new tasks to accomplish during the planning process. You will need to choreograph all of the guests, shop for any accessories like sparklers, and put it all together seamlessly on a very busy day. However, most couples would agree that it is well worth the trouble. In the end, you just need to balance out the pros and cons for your specific situation.

So, what is a wedding exit in reality? It’s the perfect way to cap off the most important celebration of your life. Also, it adds a whole new dynamic that breaks down the barriers between you and your guests. Sure, it’s yet another task to add to your planning checklist; but if you want your event to be truly special, it’s something you have to do.