If you are considering using sparklers at your upcoming wedding or event, you probably are weighing the safety concerns. Overall, our products are extremely safe when used properly. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare your options and find the right fit for your needs! Below, I’ll discuss the safest sparklers for weddings based on a variety of different factors to make your decision as easy as possible. By knowing all the ins and outs, you can get the right product and have a very relaxing ceremony and reception. Here’s what you need to know.

Safest Sparklers for Weddings Based on Number of Guests

Image of People Using Sparklers at a Small WeddingOne of the most efficient ways to choose the right wedding sparklers is to do so based on your guest list size. For a variety of reasons, the number of people trying to light them at once can play a big role. Here are a few of the more common sized events and which version is the safest option.

75 or Fewer Guests

When you have a smaller guest list, you have much more freedom to choose whatever size you prefer without fear of safety concerns. Though I always suggest airing on the side of larger, you can easily light even very short versions with plenty of time for your performance. However, it’s still important to be very coordinated to get the task accomplished quickly. Make sure you have a solid plan in place so you aren’t too rushed and everything will go very smoothly.

Up to 150 Guests

For mid-sized events with up to 150 guests, you need to be a bit more discerning about your selection. Again, you can always choose a longer option; but you definitely want to pick at least 20 inch long sparklers so you don’t rush people during the lighting process. If you group people into sets of around 10, it should only take around 8 seconds to get lit. Since they last around a minute and a half, you should still have plenty of time to complete your chosen activity quickly and safely.

Over 150 Guests

No matter your guest list size, the safest sparklers for weddings will almost always be the longest ones available. However, it’s essentially a requirement for events with over 150 guests. Though it doesn’t take any longer to get them lit, your chosen activity will always take more time to complete when you are including more people. For this reason, 36 inch long sparklers are the only safe choice for large weddings with extensive attendance. You may end up completing your activity before you get all the way through your items, but at least you won’t be rushed; which is what leads to the vast majority of accidents and incidents.

Safest Wedding Sparklers Based on the Activity

Image of a Person Writing with Sparklers in a PhotoAnother key factor when managing safety is the type of activity you have planned for your celebration. To put it bluntly, how you plan to use them is just as important as how many people will be participating. Here are four of the most popular ways to use our products and which version is the best fit. Using these guidelines, you can easily choose the safest sparklers for weddings without even breaking a sweat. Let’s dig in.

Grand Exit

A grand exit, also known as a sparkler send-off, is the most common way people use our products. It’s very similar to lining up outside the chapel to throw rice or confetti, but you use a sparkler instead. To keep you and your guests safe during a grand exit, it’s very important to pick a version long enough to keep the sparks away from humans. The 20 inch version will technically work for small guest lists, but I still recommend the 36 inch version instead. At three feet long, you can easily hold them very high in the air so there’s no chance of accidentally getting burned. Overall, there’s no such thing as “too” long for this specific activity.

Cake Topper

Cake toppers are a very common type of decoration at a reception. Moreover, there are plenty of design options for any taste or situation. One of the more popular ideas these days is to decorate the top of your cake using sparklers instead of traditional figurines. To keep things as safe as possible, you always want to use wedding cake sparklers for a number of reasons. First off, they are designed to stay securely anchored during the performance so they don’t accidentally move. Additionally, they are non-toxic to ensure your frosting doesn’t get filled with contaminants. By choosing the proper design, you can have a great display without any safety concerns.

Writing in Photos

If you like the idea of writing words or drawing shapes in your photos, sparklers can be your best friend. All you have to do is light the tip and repeatedly make the same shape over and over again. In fact, getting the settings right on your camera is by far more important than being precise with your movements. However, the safest sparklers for weddings that can be used for this purpose need to be the right length. Typically, longer always means better. Unfortunately, if you choose too long of a version for this activity, it can actually become dangerous. Stick with a length of no more than 20 inches for the best results.

Champagne Toast

Champagne toasts are a much cherished part of any reception. However, you need to get the right ones in order to ensure it’s a safe activity! Generally speaking, you should only ever be using sparklers designed to attach to bottles for your champagne toast. If you attempt this feat using a regular “stick” version, it likely won’t work at all; or worse, it will end up creating a serious hazard! At the end of the day, there is simply no substitute for choosing the right version when it calls for a specialty product.

Are There Safer Alternatives to Sparklers?

Image of LED Wedding SparklersOf course, the safest sparklers for weddings will always pose a small risk by their very nature. Not only do they have an open flame, but the temperature of sparklers is extremely hot! For this reason, many people seek alternatives that pose little or no risk whatsoever. Here is a quick snapshot of my favorites.

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are by far the safest option out there if you want to emulate the look of the real thing in some fashion. Best of all, they are extremely easy and inexpensive to make! Just grab a craft stick, some hot glue, and some pieces of ribbon. Glue roughly 10 strands of ribbon to each craft stick and you instantly have a 100% alternative that everyone will love!


Bubbles are another extremely affordable option that is also very safe. You can buy bubble solution at most stores, or you can make your own bubble solution using simple household ingredients. Though they are mostly safe, if is possible to get soap in your eyes; and it definitely stings! However, it is a much better than even the safest sparklers for weddings by comparison.

LED Wands

LED wands are another great way to emulate the real thing with virtually no risk. Most commonly, they are marketed as LED sparklers. However, there’s no open flame or heat generated, so they pose no burn risk. Additionally, they are powered by batteries so you can reuse them at another event in the future. They are certainly far from inexpensive, but they are probably the closest thing you can find that eliminates the safety concerns all together.

Can Using Wedding Sparklers Ever Truly Be Considered “Safe”?

In the end, using any type of sparkler comes with some inherit risk. However, if you choose the right type and follow the proper safety guidelines, the risk is minimal. Just make sure to think your entire activity and guest list size through before you settle on the version that’s right for you. If all else fails, you can consider one of the suggested alternatives. However, if you choose the safest sparklers for weddings, you can breathe easy knowing that you aren’t jeopardizing yourself or your guests. Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming ceremony!