In America, we are trained to believe bigger is always better. When it comes to sparklers, the same attitude is extremely prevalent. While choosing the longest sparklers for weddings isn’t always the right fit, there are many benefits to going this route. At the end of the day, the biggest ones available are 36 inch wedding sparklers. However, not all brands and types are created equally. Furthermore, you may not be happy with your purchase if you buy based on size alone. To make sure you get it right, here are all the facts that you need to know.

Features of a 36 Inch Wedding Sparkler

36 inch wedding sparklers are a magnificent addition to any wedding celebration, enchanting both the couple and their guests with their mesmerizing display. These sparklers boast several delightful features that make them an ideal choice for the special day. Firstly, their impressive length ensures a longer burn time, creating a magical atmosphere that lasts for approximately four minutes, allowing ample time for breathtaking photographs and cherished memories. The 36 inch size also contributes to a brilliant, radiant glow, casting a romantic aura over the entire event.

Crafted from high quality materials, these sparklers emit minimal smoke, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view of the happy couple. Moreover, they are easy to ignite, saving precious time during the festivities. Whether used during the grand exit or to brighten up the night sky in a stunning display, these 36 inch wedding sparklers undoubtedly add a touch of glamour, creating a dreamlike ambiance that will be cherished by all in attendance.

When Should I Choose the Longest Sparklers for Weddings?

Image of a Groom Holding a Long Sparkler at His WeddingThere are certain situations when choosing the longest sparklers for weddings possible has its merits. For instance, of you are planning a wedding exit involving sparklers; there is no substitute for their size and magnificence. The sparks are huge, they last for nearly 4 minutes, and your guests can hold them high in the air. Additionally, the large sparks make getting the perfect pictures easier than with smaller versions. Lastly, they are easier to light than some other brands because they are designed to ignite quickly. When you add all of these things together, they are the perfect fit for a variety of scenarios.

When is Length a Bad Thing?

Conversely, choosing the longest sparklers for weddings isn’t always a good idea. For instance, if you want to include them in your centerpieces, the length can be a big drawback. The average height of a vase is only 18-20 inches. So, having an extremely long item placed inside creates logistical nightmares. Similarly, some people like to pose in photos with their sparklers. In that situation, you want something a little shorter and more agile so they are easier to control. In the end, choosing the right size for your needs is more important than simply picking the longest ones available.

Are Long Sparklers More or Less Safe Than Shorter Versions?

This is a really tricky question because there are so many variables at play. Generally speaking, there isn’t one sparkler that is safer or more dangerous than another based purely on length. However, if you choose the wrong size for a particular activity, things can potentially get dicey. Imagine swinging around a 3 foot long sparkler while trying to take photos in a large group. Obviously, it’s more dangerous than a smaller version that you can easily control. Conversely, if you are doing a wedding exit, the risk is lighting more sparklers because they burn out too quickly. Ultimately, the safest choice is choosing the right size for the activity you will be performing.

Should I Be Looking for the Longest Sparklers for Weddings?

Overall, choosing 36 inch long sparklers is best reserved for wedding exits and larger weddings of more than 150 people. If you are having a smaller gathering, you’re probably better off with something a little more manageable. Additionally, if you’re taking photos or using them in centerpieces, shorter versions will always be a better fit. You really need to look at the situation and choose the right length of sparkler for the purpose at hand.

Opting for the longest sparklers for weddings may seem like the right move on the surface, but the decision has a lot of intricacies. However, as long as you do the legwork, you will certainly enjoy the huge performance advantage that they give your guests. As I mentioned, they are best suited for larger weddings where you have a lot of guests. However, if all the factors align, they can be fun at even more intimate celebrations. Good luck and thanks for reading!