Low Smoke Sparklers imageThe term “low smoke sparklers”, sometimes referred to as “smokeless” sparklers, is just a fancy way of describing sparklers with a steel wire core. Typically, this term is only used for gold sparklers since sparklers that have color tints added can produce smoke because of the pigments they contain. This is why nearly all wedding sparklers you will find are going to be gold with a steel wire core.

Bamboo stick sparklers are another example of sparklers that produce smoke. The wooden core often smolders or catches fire, producing more smoke than the pyrotechnic compound that is on the outside of the bamboo. Some people prefer the bamboo stick if they are going to hand them out to children because they believe they will stay cooler to the touch, but this is actually a myth. Steel wire sparklers dissipate the heat very quickly, so it is very unlikely that you will feel the heat from a burning sparkler in your hand.

The Benefits of Low Smoke Sparklers

While there are many benefits for using low smoke sparklers for weddings, probably the best reason is for indoor use. If you are going to light your sparklers inside, you certainly don’t want everyone getting smoked out. Low smoke wedding sparklers allow you to use sparklers inside (within reason) without having to worry about people choking the entire time they’re being used.

Another reason low smoke wedding sparklers are so desirable is for photos. When taking pictures of your sendoff line or while “air writing” shapes or words with your sparklers, the last thing you need in the mix is a bunch of smoke. By using low smoke sparklers, your pictures will turn out nice and clear without any hazy fog produced by excess ambient smoke floating around between you and the camera lens.

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Smokeless Sparkler?

To put it bluntly, no. All wedding sparklers put off a small amount of smoke, so technically there’s no such thing as a smokeless sparkler. Similar to when you light a match, a small amount of smoke occurs when you light one. There’s simply no way to avoid this. After all, you are lighting something on fire!

That’s why we prefer to use the term “low smoke sparklers” for weddings. Once they are lit and burning they are virtually smokeless, but the puff at the beginning is noticeable. Just be weary of any company offering low smoke sparklers for wedding because they are selling you magic beans.