If there’s one thing you’ll learn while planning a wedding, almost everything you’ll be using is white. From your dress to the tablecloths, white dominates many parts of this type of decorations. One of the big drawbacks of lighter colors is that they don’t hide stains very well. So, if you plan on using sparklers for weddings during your event, you need to be mindful of ash and other debris. But can you find low ash sparklers to eliminate the problem? And, which product versions create the least amount of mess? Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect sparkler for your upcoming celebration.

What Makes a Sparkler Low Ash?

Image of Powdered Chemicals Used to Make SparklersIf you take the name at face value, low ash sparklers are any product version that creates almost zero ashes during the performance. However, under the hood, there is more than meets the eye. First off, the materials have to be right for the chemicals to burn clean and hot enough to leave no byproducts. To achieve this, the handle must be constructed of steel wire. Next, the chemical makeup of the sparklers must be pure. This means no chlorates, pigments, dyes, or other fillers can be included. With a pure compound and a steel wire handle, every component can perform without creating any ashes or residues.

Benefits of Choosing Sparklers Without Ashes

There are many benefits to choosing sparklers that don’t create any unwanted messes. First, it will ensure your wedding dress stays beautiful and white during your sendoff or grand exit. Second, it increases your safety since no falling debris will happen during your activities. Third, you won’t have any staining on napkins, tablecloths, or other decorations throughout your venue. Lastly, they won’t leave a huge mess behind at your reception venue for you to clean up later. There’s nothing worse than having to stay late and sweep up stubborn ashes after you should be basking in the glow of your wedding day.

Which Versions are Low Ash Sparklers?

Image of a Woman Holding a Star Shaped SparklerBefore you decide on a product version, you should be aware of which ones qualify as low ash. Below, I’ve covered the three main types that will create a beautiful performance without leaving behind anything that you don’t want. Here are the details.

Wedding Sparklers

When planning a wedding, it’s only natural to choose a product designed specifically for them. Luckily, all the different versions of wedding sparklers that are available fit into the category of low ash. They perform in the color gold which means they have no additives or fillers. Furthermore, the steel wire construction adds to their clean burning design. The only real difference is the various lengths that they are sold in ranging from 10 inches to 36 inches. If low ash sparklers for weddings are what you’re after, all reputable brands will fit your needs.

Bottle and Cake Sparklers

Though often overlooked, not all versions feature a stick you hold in your hand. For instance, bottle sparklers are actually shaped like a cylinder and are meant for decorating champagne bottles. They shoot gold sparks out the end of the tube, similar to a fountain firework. These create no ashes or residue since they are primarily used indoors at bars, nightclubs, and other venues. Similarly, some people like the ideas of using wedding cake sparklers on their top tier. They are a similar design to the bottle version, but they are made to jab into a cake. Since they need to be registered as “food grade”, they also don’t create ash or other unwanted residues.

Specially Shaped Sparklers

Lastly, there are specially shaped versions of sparklers for people who want something more specific. On the 4th of July, a lot of people use ones that are shaped like stars to show their patriotism. However, for weddings, heart shaped sparklers are the more popular choice. Essentially, they are the same as other wedding sparklers except for the wire handle being bent into the shape of a heart. So, they will perform in the same fashion and are considered low smoke sparklers.

Which Sparkler Versions are Not Low Ash?

Image of Sparklers Creating Team ColorsNow that you understand what makes a sparkler ashless, you need to know which products to avoid. Below, I’ve outlined the products types that you want to avoid if making a mess is concerning to you. Here are the details.

Wood-Handled Versions

Any type of sparklers made from bamboo or other types of wood should be avoided. Sadly, the wooden handle construction can create quite the mess during the performance. First off, the flash point of wood is lower than the temperature at which the sparkler burns. Second, wood turns into ash as a byproduct of burning. Lastly, those little wooden chunks can fall apart and injure your guests, burn clothing, or even start a fire. It’s safe to say that items made from wood are not low ash sparklers and shouldn’t be considered at a wedding.

Color Versions

Whenever you add color to an item, you have to use pigments. Sadly, those pigments create a lot of smoke and ash when execute. They also tend to create ash because the burn isn’t as clean. This applies to nearly every brand of color sparklers on the market except for neon colored sparklers. Their unique chemistry allows them to create a lot of smoke and wonderful colors without the downside of ash. However, though there are a few caveats, color versions are not considered low ash wedding sparklers.

Are Low Ash Sparklers Considered Smokeless?

A common question people have is if low smoke and low ash is synonymous. There are a lot of things to keep track of, so it’s completely understandable to be confused. Generally speaking, low ash sparklers are the exact same thing as smokeless wedding sparklers. The metal wire handle creates no smoke or ash. Additionally, the compounds that burn without smoke are also ashless. So, though they are separate attributes, low ash and smokeless sparklers are the same thing.

Best Uses at a Wedding

There are a lot of different ways to use sparklers during various parts of your wedding. When it comes to low ash sparklers for weddings, they are best appreciated at indoor events. These days, the average deposit on a wedding venue is upwards of $500. If you leave a bunch of ashes and debris behind, you won’t get the security portion of that back. Even worse, you could do some real burn damage and end up with an extra bill! If you are planning an indoor event, low ash wedding sparklers are perfect.

They are also an amazing choice for grand exits or sendoff lines. People tend to hold their sparklers above the couples’ heads. If ash or hot embers fall, they could burn or discolor their clothing; or possibly even injure them! By eliminating the ashes, you are setting yourself up for success.

Are Low Ash Sparklers the Best Choice for a Wedding?

When you boil it all down, you really can’t go wrong by choosing an ashless design. In fact, most of the popular options already meet the criteria. There are literally zero drawbacks to going this route, and plenty of benefits. As long as you avoid low end brands, you will have a great experience that is cleaner and safer. I always recommend low ash sparklers, and nearly all the products we carry fit that bill. Thank you for reading and good luck!