Welcome bags are one of the most thoughtful ways to greet your guests for a destination wedding. Depending on where your wedding is going to take place, usually you (the bride) have put much more thought into all the different sundries and incidentals that you may need for the trip. Well-planned welcome bags for destination weddings will include any items that will be highly desirable by your guests, but that they may forget to pack themselves. Nothing shows your appreciation for the journey that your friends and family have made to be with you on your special day like a welcome bag.

Besides the obvious necessities (such as sunscreen, bath salts, towels, etc. depending on the location), you also want to make sure that the bag itself is visually appealing and something that itself will continue to be used by your guests in the future. Custom decorations on the front of each welcome bag, whether homemade or store bought, can really go a long way. However, sometimes it is what is inside that counts, so it is also important to fill your welcome bags for destination weddings with fun items for your guests to enjoy.

Welcome Bags for Destination Weddings imageWelcome Bag “Stuffers”

There are literally hundreds of small and inexpensive items you can put in your welcome bags that will enhance your guests’ stay from the moment they arrive. Besides a few of the little comforts of home that they may have forgotten, your guests will really enjoy some fun items to get them in the celebration mood.

A few clever items to put in your welcome bags include wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, party poppers, and wooden roses. But there are other fun items as well. Each has their benefits, and each is uniquely special in their own way.

Items to Include in Welcome Bags for Destination Weddings

  • Wedding sparklers offer a fun way to return to the childish spirits of days past and really bring out the party in people.
  • Towels can be a nice addition to because many people forget to bring their own. Though most hotels include them with the room, having an extra can be nice; particularly in tropical locations.
  • Sky lanterns are a great way for your guests to be involved in the event. Any time you can get your guests involved, the fun level really starts to soar.
  • Travel toiletries are another great stuffer. Having some organic or “salon quality” shampoo and conditioner can be lovely. Perhaps some cold process soap for a more luxurious cleansing experience is what you prefer. Either way, small touches are everything.
  • Party poppers are a classic item that everyone loves. Your friends and family will love shooting confetti and streamers all over the place.
  • Wooden roses are a great alternative to real roses. While they don’t sacrifice the beauty found with genuine roses, they do last infinitely longer and provide an excellent keepsake that your guests are sure to treasure for years to come.
  • Candles are another great option. They will allow your guests to pamper themselves ahead of your big day. Relaxed guests have more fun, so its a great choice indeed!

Are They Worth the Trouble?

Only you can decide if putting together welcome bags for destination weddings is worth the hassle. There’s no doubt that your guests will love it, but they will cost you some money and a considerable time investment. However, since your guests came all the way to your destination wedding, offering them some sort of warm welcome is only fair.