Here at Wedding Day Sparklers, we pride ourselves on offering the best selection and customer service. However, we also give our customers the chance to buy wedding sparklers direct from the supplier. That means we offer the best prices too. There are very few companies out there that order and sell in the quantities that we do. And that allows us to outperform the competition. Here are a few reasons why buying wedding sparklers direct from us is the best choice for couples.

We Buy Wedding Sparklers Direct from the Manufacturer

The reason that we are able to offer such a huge selection and unbeatable prices is that we buy our wedding sparklers direct from the manufacturer. This eliminates unnecessary price markups caused by using a middleman. It also allows us to choose the very best quality manufacturers. That ensures you get the highest quality wedding sparklers for your celebration. Lastly, since we go straight to the source, we have to order in huge quantity. That means we can keep our prices low and still offer the best overall quality in the industry.

You Buy Wedding Sparklers Direct from Us as the Supplier

When you buy wedding sparklers direct from us as the supplier, you don’t need to cover the extra expenses that the other guys incur to do business. Most companies order from a third-party source, which means they are paying someone between you and the manufacturer. That leads to higher prices and less control over the quality; which is ital with low smoke sparklers. Ordering wedding sparklers direct from us eliminates both of those pitfalls.

We Offer Bulk Wholesale Pricing

Though most of our couples will only purchase from us a single time, some customers prefer wholesale pricing. Whether you own a wedding shop or you are a professional wedding planner, sometimes buying wholesale wedding sparklers in bulk is the best choice for you. We order our wedding sparklers direct from the factory. So no other company can come close to matching our bulk pricing for wholesale wedding sparklers.

Buying Wedding Sparklers Direct vs. Using a Middleman

We understand that some couples prefer to simply buy from a local shop, and that’s totally fine. The most important thing you can do is choose the option that will make your wedding the best it can be. However, using a middleman like a local shop or one of our competitors will never be as cost effective as buying wedding sparklers direct from us as the leading supplier. You also will not receive the best quality from a middleman either. Though we can’t make up your mind for you, it’s important to consider all of the factors carefully before you make a purchase.

Overall, we are proud to give you the option of shopping the best selection, pricing, and customer service at our online store. We are able to do this by selling wedding sparklers direct to our customers. We eliminate excessive markups or middlemen trying to skimp on quality to maximize their margins. If you take a moment to read our verified reviews and test the quality of our sparklers for yourself, we think you’ll agree instantly. There’s simply no substitute for ordering wedding sparklers direct from the supplier; for both price and quality.