Amazon has definitely become the first place that many couples shop for their wedding supplies. They have an infinitely huge catalog with new products being added every day. As the leading supplier in the industry, we often times get asked about how the variety of wedding sparklers Amazon offers stacks up against ours. So, we ordered from several different merchants and are sharing what we found.

Now, it should go without saying that we are obviously in the business of selling sparklers ourselves. Therefore, you probably won’t put as much stock into our assessment of the wedding sparklers Amazon sells as you would from an unbiased third party review website. I assure you; we were very fair and used this as a market research opportunity to make our own offerings even better. With all of that said, please read on with that in mind.

Overall Price Comparison

While we proudly lead the industry in price, there are honestly quite a few low prices available on Amazon. You won’t find them for less than our sparklers for weddings, but they are a lot cheaper than some of our major competitors. However, price isn’t everything, and we will cover that in the next section.

The Quality of the Wedding Sparklers Amazon Offers

Out of the six merchants from which we purchased, only one had quality that was comparable to ours. Most sellers offer sparklers with a smaller diameter and subpar building materials. Unfortunately, they were absurdly expensive as well. The other five were very lackluster in their performance and duration, which makes them both a disappointment and an overall poor value. We only sampled the six merchants that seemed to sell the most, so we can’t speak to every seller. However, every sparkler we tried was either inadequate for weddings or beyond-the-pale expensive.

Amazon's Vast Product Catalog imageAmazon’s Catalog Diversity

Though they are well known for their vast array of products, they fall short in this particular genre. While they have all the standard lengths for wedding sparklers, they don’t have the selection of unique items that made our site famous. You won’t find bottle sparklers or wedding cake sparklers in their catalog. Our specialized approach makes us the best place to shop for your needs.


There aren’t any merchants on Amazon that offer Prime eligible shipping for wedding sparklers. That’s because sparklers can’t be shipped via air, so they take longer than two days to arrive at many locations throughout the US. Since we specialize in this type of product and work with our shipping companies, we offer the fastest delivery at the lowest rates online. No Amazon seller can compete, and we even offer free shipping on orders over $49.99!

Returns and Exchanges

All the merchants we tried offer returns on unopened product in some capacity. However, their process is lengthy and complicated, while ours is a streamlined experience for the customer. We will work fast to correct orders, replace damaged product, or simply refund you for your unused wedding sparklers. No other retailer can compete with our process or customer service.

So Where Should I Shop?

Obviously, we are going to shamelessly plug ourselves here. However, we put together a whole guide on where to buy sparklers that gives an honest and balanced view and offers solutions across the board. The key places covered include fireworks stores, shopping online, and other sources like grocery stores. Overall, your best bet is to shop with a company that specializes in the type of sparklers that you need.

Whether you tend to shop on Amazon or not, it can be tempting to buy things for your wedding from the comforts of home. They have almost every product imaginable, and they offer them at competitive prices. However, specialty items like the wedding sparklers Amazon sells are best left to the specialists like us. With thousands of happy couples and countless reviews on Wedding Wire, we stand behind our products 100% and offer the best process, quality, and selection in the industry.