A Perfect Wedding Sparkler Exit imageEvery great event needs a grand finale, and for weddings that’s done with a wedding exit. Traditionally, guests would toss rice, birdseed, or confetti as the couple exits the chapel. In modern times, there are plenty of great options. One of the most popular choices is having a wedding sparkler exit.

Couples have used everything from rose petals to releasing white doves, but nothing has become more prevalent than using wedding sparklers. However, due to the nature of the item, there are certain things you’ll need to do ahead of time. Here is our wedding sparkler exit checklist to make things as simple as possible.

Check Your State and Local Laws

First off, you need to know if using sparklers for weddings is allowed in your area. Many states and even cities have different rules. If you aren’t certain of the laws, call your local fire department for clarification. If you can’t use them at all, there’s no reason to continue down the checklist.

Clear Your Wedding Sparkler Exit with the Venue

Similarly, many wedding venues have their own rules surrounding the use of sparklers. Some venues prohibit them all together, while others simply require you use them in a certain designated area. However, the last thing you want is to spend money and end up not being able to use your items. Asking the venue ahead of time will eliminate any hiccups and make your event less stressful.

Wedding Photographer and Planner Meeting imageCoordinate with Your Photographer and Planner

Keeping your wedding photographer in the loop is crucial if you want great photos. Planning your wedding sparkler exit is no exception. Your photographer will have a lot of great insight as to where and when the exit should happen. Everything from angle and lighting to the placement of the guests will matter in the final product. By communicating with your photographer and listening to their advice, you can get the best results.

Additionally, keeping your wedding planner in the loop is vital as well. They will likely be in charge of coordinating your exit, so heeding their wisdom can be beneficial too. Your best option is to include both in one meeting to hash out the details. Once everyone is on the same page, you’ll be ready for the perfect experience.

Choose the Right Wedding Sparklers

Choosing the right size wedding sparklers will make or break your exit. If you choose too short, they won’t last long enough. If you choose too long, they will still be going once your exit has concluded. Here are a few tips to help you pick the ones that are right for you.

20 Inch Version

The most popular option is our 20 inch sparklers for weddings. Their size is perfect for guest lists up to 100 people, and they are very affordably priced. As long as you expect fewer than 100 guests, these are the perfect option for your event.

36 Inch Version

For larger guest lists, we suggest our 36 inch sparklers for weddings. Their extra long size can accommodate guest lists up to 200 people. However, they can last too long for celebrations with 100 guests or fewer. As long as you have more than 100 and less than 250 guests, these are the perfect option for your event.

Purchase High Quality Products

The quality of your sparklers will also affect the quality of your experience. To capture the best pictures of your wedding sparkler exit, you want a consistent and bright performing product. Many companies offer cheaply made items that won’t perform well at all. All of our items are triple-dipped to ensure an even and exhilarating performance every time.

Inform Your Guests about Them

Often times, couples forget to notify their guests about how and when to use their sparklers. If you plan to place them in centerpieces or use them to decorate the guestbook table, this is particularly important. One fun solution is to have signs throughout your venue laying out the details. Similarly, you can create little cards to place next to each centerpiece to explain their purpose. Lastly, have your planner or whoever is in charge make an announcement. Some people will overlook your signs or cards, so a verbal reminder is always best.

Plan How to Light and Dispose of Them

Figuring out the details is important if you want your exit to go smoothly. You’d be surprised at how often something simple can set an entire celebration back. A blowtorch is the ideal way to light multiple sparklers at once. A bucket of water is the ideal way to ensure they’re completely extinguished. Sure, there are lots of ways to light them, but the key is to have a large, hot, flame so multiple ones can be lit simultaneously. In a pinch, a bucket of sand or a fire pit can work for safe disposal.

Practice Good Safety

The safety of yourselves and your guests should always be the top priority. These things burn really hot, so there’s potential for problems if you misuse them. However, with responsible adults participating, a wedding sparkler exit is perfectly safe. Make sure you keep the exit aisle really wide so the couple isn’t too close to the sparks. Also, make sure the guests hold them straight up in the air; not arching over the couple. For more details, visit our wedding sparkler safety guide for complete information.

Capture Your Wedding Sparkler Exit in Photos

Though the experience is the most important thing, remembering it is a close second. Capturing your wedding sparkler exit in photos will help you do just that! For the best results, it’s important to choose a photographer with experience. Make sure you have a long talk with them about what you expect. Also, make sure to look at their portfolio in great detail. There are a lot of great photographers out there, take your time and pick someone with experience and vision in the types of photos that you want.

This checklist should help to ensure everything is ready for your wedding sparkler exit. We covered other aspects of this topic in our guide to using sparklers for your wedding exit if you want to learn more. Hopefully, this will allow you to plan your exit in advance without purchasing items you don’t need.