Simple and creative centerpieces are a really inexpensive way to dress up your wedding reception tables, and creating wedding sparkler centerpieces is a great option. Nearly anyone can create a beautiful centerpiece without any prior skills or knowledge; it is just a matter of finding the right inexpensive materials. One really cheap and amazingly attractive idea is to create a bouquet of wedding sparklers in a vase for each table.  Wedding sparkler centerpieces are a great way to “light up” your reception tables and also make great wedding favors for your guests to take home and enjoy for years to come.

Creative Concepts for Wedding Sparkler Centerpieces

Wedding Sparkler Centerpieces imageThere are several different ways to create wedding sparkler centerpieces, and there really isn’t a wrong choice here. One very simple way to build a centerpiece is to buy some small vases, one for each table. Next, you grab a healthy chunk of sparklers for weddings, usually 1-2 sparklers per seat at the table depending on what size and intended use you have planned for the wedding sparklers. Next, take a piece of ribbon (usually a color that matches the rest of your wedding décor) and tie a bow around the sparkler “bouquet” near the middle. Then place the sparklers into the vase and spread them out evenly like you would do if they were flowers. If you want to add an additional bit of charm, you can make some custom cards with your names and wedding date to attach to the ribbon as well.

Integrate Wooden Roses

Wooden Roses in Wedding Cetnerpieces imageAnother great and popular idea is to incorporate some wooden roses in to your wedding sparkler centerpieces. Basically, the concept is the same as traditional wedding sparkler centerpieces except you place a wooden rose for each seat at the table into the bouquet as well, creating an alternating effect between the wedding sparklers and the wooden roses. The major bonus here is that usually the wedding sparklers will get used by the guests at your ceremony or during a sendoff line, so this gives your guests a really neat wedding favor to bring home with them to remember your special day.

There are literally dozens of ways to create breath-taking wedding sparkler centerpieces, so these ideas are just loose concepts intended for you to run with and build upon. If you would like more creative ideas for using wedding sparklers as part of your decorating process, we have several great photos in our photo gallery to help fuel your creative juices.