Choosing where to buy your wedding sparklers is an important decision for a number of reasons. Whether you plan to use them during your send-off line or simply want them as wedding favors, every couple wants sparklers that will perform as intended. That’s why we’ve put together this simple wedding sparkler buyer’s guide to make your choices easier to manage.

There are three main criteria that you should consider before making your purchase. Most importantly, you want to choose the right type of sparklers for your needs. Second, you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Lastly, you want to make sure you’re purchasing from a reliable source that you can trust. We will cover each of those factors separately in this buyer’s guide.

Purchasing the Right Type of Sparklers

Buying the correct type of sparkler for your needs is crucial to a successful experience. Each size will last for a varying duration, so determining your needs in advance is critical. Most couples know exactly how they want to use them, and that simplifies the process. However, there are other factors to consider as outlined in this section of the wedding sparkler buyer’s guide below.

Send-Off Lines

Most couples decide to use sparklers during a wedding send-off line. It’s widely considered the simplest and most elegant option. The most important consideration is the number of guests you plan to invite. You don’t want to end up with sparklers that last way too long, Here’s a breakdown of the correct sizes for each size celebration as part of our wedding sparkler buyer’s guide.

  • 30 or Less: Weddings with 30 or less guests can easily get away with using 10 inch wedding sparklers. Though they only last around 30 seconds that is plenty of time for very small and intimate wedding celebrations.
  • 30 to 100 Guests: Events with up to 100 guests can use 20 inch wedding sparklers for their send-off. Clocking in at around 1 ½ minutes of duration, these will last just the right amount time for you to complete your exit in style.
  • Over 100 Guests: Planning a large event requires large solutions. Our 36 inch version is the largest and the longest-lasting wedding sparklers that you can buy. Lasting over 3 ½ minutes, these behemoths are large enough to handle celebrations with any size guest list!

Wedding Sparkler Buyer’s Guide for Photos imagePhotos

Another common use we’ll cover in this wedding sparkler buyer’s guide is during photos. Couples can use them as photo props, or optionally use them to write messages or shapes in the air. Examples of this are writing hearts or the word “love” using the trail that the sparkles leave behind. Because they are the perfect duration and length for easy maneuverability, we suggest 20 inch wedding sparklers for use in photos.

Wedding Favors

Placing a few sparklers in vases at your tables can be a great way to display a beautiful, yet functional, favor for your guests to enjoy. Since they will be used “at large”, there’s really no reason to go overboard. Simply placing a few 10 inch wedding sparklers on each table will suffice, and your guests will add to the joy as they use their favors.

Color vs. Gold Wedding Sparklers

If you plan to use them indoors, it’s very important to purchase smokeless wedding sparklers. There are two main options available, gold and color sparklers. Gold ones don’t have any tints added; therefore they are considered “smokeless” and can be used indoors. Color ones create extra smoke because they contain various color pigments. That means you should only use color sparklers if you are having your event outdoors. If your event will be indoors, stick to the gold ones.

Gold vs. Color Wedding Sparklers imageWedding Sparkler Buyer’s Guide to Getting the Best Value

Confusing price and value is something we all do from time to time, particularly when you’re planning a large event such as a wedding. It’s important to get the right item for the right price, and it can be a tricky dance. Fortunately, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you get the best overall value at the best possible price.

Shop for Quality

Quality is the most important factor in getting a good value. Sometimes getting the cheapest price is common sense, but other times you get what you pay for. Look for quality features such as sparklers that are triple dipped. Packaging and other distractions can take the focus off the actual quality of the sparklers, so make sure you pay attention.

Compare Brands

Many people are familiar with brands such as Black Cat, and it’s true that they offer high grade items. However, the same factories also produce the same high quality items under different names; in particular various brands of sparklers. Compare the reputations between brands before you make your decision. Often times, you can get a better price for the same wedding sparklers in a different box.

Avoid “Discount” Sparklers

When getting the best price is your motivation, it can be tempting to look for discount sparklers. However, it’s important to resist the urge in the particular scenario. There are a lot of “factory seconds”; or in other words, defects, which are circulated in the marketplace. Buying so-called “discount” wedding sparklers can mean that they are too thinly dipped, dried out, or even damaged by water! Stick to a reliable and professional source for your big day.

Where You Buy From Matters

We’ve discussed the different types and the importance of quality, but this wedding sparkler buyer’s guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning sources. One of the best tools at your disposal is to shop from a reliable and trusted source. Since sparklers in general are available at many different places, we will go over a few of the big ones.

Local Grocery Store

Around the 4th of July, many grocery stores and convenience stores start to carry a limited selection of fireworks. Among them, traditionally, are sparklers. Normally, they are sold in either very colorful or patriotic boxes. That makes them less ideal for your big day because they clash with most of the classic wedding color schemes.

Additionally, they are often made from inferior materials such as wood. Sparklers made from bamboo instead of steel are a little cheaper, but they also smolder and create smoke as they sparkle. Though they work great for a backyard celebration, they should be avoided on your big day.

Patriotic Sparklers imageFireworks Store or Tent

A drastic upgrade from a grocery store is an actual fireworks outlet. A real fireworks store or tent will at least have a variety of options from which to choose. However, their main stock will likely be the same quality you’d otherwise find at a grocery store, so be careful.

Occasionally, a fireworks outlet will have actual “wedding sparklers” for sale. Be sure to inspect the contents carefully, and take note of the thickness of each sparkler as well as the condition of the slurry. On top of that, there is almost always a large markup on them simply because they are readily available. Though it isn’t your worst option, fireworks outlets aren’t as great of a source as you may think.

Shopping Online

Shopping online for your wedding sparklers is widely accepted as the best option. Online stores have a wider selection and less overhead costs because they only operate with a warehouse instead of a storefront. It also allows for easier comparison between various brands and companies. There are several places where you can read reviews about different websites offering their products. When you’re choosing your sparklers for weddings, doing your research is a very important step.

Simplified: A Blunt Wedding Sparkler Buyer’s Guide

Many people are looking for a fast solution when deciding on their purchase. Bluntly, you need to decide how many guests will be attending and how you plan to use your sparklers. With that information, you can buy the appropriate size and quantity of wedding sparklers for your needs. I suggest sticking to standard gold wedding sparklers since they are appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use; it takes the guesswork out of your choices. No matter what option you choose, they are sure to be a dazzling addition to your special day!