Wedding Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Spurs Wedding ShoesThough it probably isn’t the most important thing on your checklist, impressing your wedding guests can make their time better and your experience much more memorable. You don’t need to buy solid gold flower vases or spend thousands on a celebrity entertainer or famous band to get the desired effect, but rather overwhelming your guests with a staggering amount of little details and special touches will work very well. Though big things that are obvious to notice will be the first impression that everyone will get at your wedding, the little things are what they’ll notice as the night progresses and will make the biggest impact by the end of the evening.

Unique Food Serving

Rather than having your waiters bring out course after course of dinner, why not break up the courses with activities? One of the most popular choices is to have your guests get up and dance in-between courses to break up the meal and add a special touch to the reception. You can even have certain “finger food” courses served right to the dance floor so your guests don’t have to return to their seats.

Speak Volumes with Your Wedding Choices

Bring personal preferences and life experiences into your wedding planning can make it much more personal and inviting to your guests. If done properly, you can make your guests feel as if they have known you for a lifetime; even if you only met in the last few years. If you have a favorite vacation spot you visit frequently, incorporate it into the wedding theme. If you have a favorite style of food, serve it at the reception. Every real-life detail about you as a couple that you bring into the wedding makes it more intimate and special for all the guests.

Military Wedding

Military weddings are by far some of the most memorable you can imagine. There is a lot of pomp and parade that comes along with all of the different parts of the ceremony, not to mention the dignity and honor that comes along with seeing all the brave men and women in full uniform. If you are in the armed forces and want to make a huge impression that none of your guests will ever forget, check with your base for all the details and traditions to put together your military wedding flawlessly.

Sports Wedding

Sports is one of those things that people are often very passionate about, and if you have a favorite team you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you are a huge football fan, you can do little things like having napkins and plates with your favorite team’s logo printed on them. If you’re into basketball, you might consider having a basketball-shaped wedding cake or having the bride aim for a “hoop” when she throws her bouquet. Whatever type of sport or team you love, incorporating it into your wedding can lead to an unforgettable day for everyone.

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