Wedding Gift Baskets

Wedding Gift BasketsRegardless if you’re getting married at your local church and expecting several out-of-town guests or planning an elaborate destination wedding, gift baskets are an excellent and inexpensive way to welcome your visitors and thank them for their love and presence.

While most of your guests will just be happy to be at your wonderful event, a nice little wedding favor or gift basket can go a long way to showing them exactly how special it is for them to be there with you on your magical day. A well-planned and thoughtful gift basket will make their stay much more memorable from the moment they check-in. While we are all familiar with th classic items that can go into a wedding gift basket such as sandals, towels, bath salts, and other handy items that will be useful during your guests stay, it is also important to think about the “fun” factor. Your guests will enjoy their wedding gift baskets even more if you include items that will allow them to participate in the fun from the very first minute.

Wedding Sparklers Gift Basket

Wedding sparklers can be a great addition to a wedding gift basket. Everyone loves sparklers, and they can be arranged very decoratively to give a floral bouquet feel. Also, providing wedding sparklers is a great way to encourage your guests to participate in your wedding event.

Sky Lanterns in a Gift Basket

Sky lanterns are another excellent choice for your gift baskets. While you will likely want the sky lanterns to be released at your wedding ceremony or reception, giving them to your guests ahead of time with some colorful markers will allow them to decorate an write well-wishes on the outside of the sky lanterns, making it a much more personal and thoughtful experience for everyone involved.

Wedding Party Poppers in a Gift Basket

Wedding party poppers are a staple celebration item that everyone will love! Whether your guests use them privately in their rooms or wait until the wedding reception, it’s hard not to smile when you pull the string, hear the “pop”, and confetti and streamers come pouring out of the wedding party poppers. Nothing makes your day more magical than a little bit of mischief.

Wooden Roses in a Gift Basket

Wooden roses are an excellent and inexpensive alternative to real roses. Wooden roses make excellent gift basket fillers; allowing you to add color and charm while still giving your guests a souvenir to take home. Wooden roses are available in nearly any color imaginable, and they last pretty much forever unlike real, living, roses.

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