Couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding should consider shopping for their wedding favors early in the process. This will help to avoid any type of a last minute scramble to get things done. Although, it is very easy to focus on wedding details that are more pressing to you. However, choosing your wedding favors at the last minute can be an expensive mistake!

Though it’s easy to back-burner tasks like choosing your wedding favors, you may find yourself in a tough spot. You’ll also be at the whim of whatever your local bridal stores have in stock. However, with some careful planning in advance, you can easily avoid this last minute dash. Best of all, save some cash for other elements of your wedding at the same time.

Image of Premade Wedding Favor Gift BasketsIf you do find yourself shopping for wedding favors at the last minute, there are several things you should keep in mind. Undoubtedly, you’re probably finding your budget to be less than large when you’re this close to the big day. Priorities like your wedding dress, reception hall, DJ, and other costly components have likely eaten up a large chunk of your budget. Not to worry, though; there are several great and inexpensive wedding favors that you can find at the last minute that won’t compromise on the luster of your special day.

Wooden Roses

Wooden roses are a great last minute wedding favor idea that really can enhance your special day. Handcrafted form birch wood, wooden roses combine the beauty of real roses with the longevity of wood. Available at a fraction of the cost of real wooden roses, these wedding favors can be purchased on the fly and add real elegance to your entire event.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are another great choice for last minute wedding favors. Throw a couple of packs of wedding sparklers on your reception tables and watch the fun unfold! You can even make bouquets of wedding sparklers by fanning them out in a vase; with can also act as part of your decoration scheme.

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are probably one of the most memorable last minute wedding favors you can buy. Simply light them, release them, and enjoy the serenity as the sky lanterns float off into the horizon. Also, sky lanterns off your guests the opportunity to take part in your wedding ceremony or reception which is even more memorable than a take-home wedding favor or souvenir.

What’s Your Best Option?

Overall, any of the three mentioned options will work if you’re short on time. However, if it’s already the last minute, going with sparklers or roses is by far the simplest. If budget is your primary concern, then the roses are for sure the way to go. Just remember that you can still get fun items; even if your short on time! Good luck, and I hope these suggestions help your planning process.