.Wedding Exit Sparkler Alternatives imageMany couples use sparklers during their wedding exit, and it has become one of the most popular ways to do a send-off line. However, there are circumstances where couples must look for wedding exit sparkler alternatives for a wide range of reasons. Some venues don’t allow the use of sparklers for weddings, and some states don’t allow the use of sparklers at all. No matter what the reason is that you’re looking for wedding exit sparkler alternatives, there are still plenty of ways to have your guests send you off in style. Here are 10 of the best options that you have at your disposal.

Rice or Birdseed

Rice and birdseed are the oldest and most nostalgic way to send-off a newlywed couple. Unfortunately, rice got a bad name some years ago because of an an old wives tale. People now believe that it causes birds to explode because it expands in their digestive tract. Though it is completely untrue, it did give way to the use of birdseed in place of rice. Since birdseed is actually food for birds, it makes good sense to use it for your wedding exit. I personally find it hard to call either rice or birdseed wedding exit sparkler alternatives; they have both been used long before the existence of wedding sparklers. However, they are still an excellent option if you’re in a pinch.


Bubbles are not something you would immediately think about when coming up with wedding exit sparkler alternatives. However, they are actually perfect for send-off lines! Have each of your wedding guests blowing through bubble wands along your exit path. The air will be filled with soapy orbs as far as the eye can see! You can even get an automatic bubble machine to pump out huge volumes of bubbles to make your wedding exit more exciting. Best of all, there are zero cleanup duties involved when you use bubbles for your wedding exit.


Confetti During a Wedding Exit imageConfetti is another item that is very similar to rice and birdseed, except you’ll have many more options at your disposal. For instance, if your wedding colors are blue and yellow, you can get confetti to match those colors. The downside is that confetti is typically made from plastic which creates a mess that you need to cleanup. Fortunately, they also make biodegradable confetti that will disappear the next time it rains. That makes biodegradable confetti one of the most Eco-friendly wedding exit sparkler alternatives you can choose.


Orchestrating a group balloon release can be an amazing spectacle to see! Imagine each of your wedding guests releasing their own balloon at the same time as you make your way down the exit path. However, some cities require permits to do group balloons releases, so make sure you check the local regulations. Furthermore, it can be difficult to see balloons at night, so they aren’t one of the greatest wedding exit sparkler alternatives if you are planning your event for the evening.

Flower Petals

Handing out flower petals for your guests to throw in the air as you make your wedding exit can be both colorful and fragrant. Your guests would toss them much like they would rice, birdseed, or confetti. However, with so many different colors of flower petals available, you can create a much more unique look. Unfortunately, flower petals can get quite expensive if you choose roses, orchids, or other expensive blooms. So, if you want wedding exit sparkler alternatives that won’t shatter your budget, flower petals are probably not for you. For the same effect on a tighter budget, consider using the petals from our wood roses.


Leaves are natural, abundant, and easy to find anywhere if you’re having your wedding in the fall months. Even better, they can really add to your wedding theme if you are embracing fall colors into scheme. Have your guests gather small piles of leaves after your wedding ceremony has concluded. They will throw them in the air as you make your wedding exit. Best of all, leaves are 100% free to use and biodegradable. So, they are overall one of the cheapest and most Eco-friendly wedding exit sparkler alternatives you could ever imagine.


Streamers are one of the easiest items to find, and they are an excellent item to use during your wedding exit. You can go to pretty much any store; grocery stores, dollar stores, or department stores and find rolls of streamers for next to nothing. Your guests will love tossing long pieces of streamers at you as you make your way down the exit path, but be prepared for a lengthy cleanup process after everything is said and done.

Ribbon Wands

Simulating the effect of sparklers can be a difficult task, but ribbon wands do a pretty good job. However, you can get the same type of look in your photos with wedding exit sparkler alternatives such as ribbons. These are one of your best options! You can buy ready-made ribbon wands at most party supply stores to make it super easy. Conversely, you can make them yourself if you have some spare time and basic craft supplies. Just cut some ribbons at about a foot each piece, and then attach them to some sort of handle using some sticky tape. Hand them out to your wedding guests and let them wave them around while you make your exit. Overall, it will create a visual effect that is very similar to using sparklers.

LED Sparklers

LED Sparklers for a Wedding Exit imageIf you are looking for wedding exit sparkler alternatives that are as close to the real thing as possible, LED sparklers are your best option. There are a few different types available, but LED bottle sparklers are the easiest to hold in your hand. Each LED sparkler will light up in a variety of different modes, and they work really well at night with all of the different colors that they emit. However, they are much more expensive than most of the other wedding exit sparkler alternatives we’ve discussed. Overall, they might be out of reach if you’re on a tight wedding budget.

Paper Airplanes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a school teacher, into origami, or just have a childlike vigor; paper airplanes can be a great way to enhance your wedding send-off line! You can have your guests create their own paper airplanes during your reception as an activity. Then, launch them into the air during your wedding exit. Just be careful not to get one of the sharp tips in your eye; that could ruin your wedding exit in a bug hurry!

Reasons you Need Wedding Exit Sparkler Alternatives

There are many reasons that a couple may need to think about wedding exit sparkler alternatives. However, most commonly it is due to restrictions at their wedding venue. Many wedding venues simply don’t allow the use of sparklers for weddings on the premises. Unfortunately, that means you either need to scrap them all together or wait until you’re on private property to do your wedding exit.

However, some couples are simply intimidated by the thought of organizing all of their wedding guests for a send-off line that involves sparklers. The good news is that it really isn’t that complicated! Furthermore, it is also incredibly safe if you follow proper procedures. If you’re considering using sparklers for your wedding exit but you’re still unsure, take a moment to read our guide to using sparklers for a wedding exit to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns.

Perhaps your venue doesn’t allow sparklers or you’re just intimidated by the concept. Either way, there is no shame in seeking wedding exit sparkler alternatives. In fact, sometimes other items are a better fit for the theme of your wedding. If you decide not to use an alternative, we have a great guide for ordering your sparklers online. Your best bet is to weigh out all the pros and cons of each item that you might use for your send-off line and choose the right one for you. It’s your big day, after all; make sure you make exactly the way you’ve always dreamed.