Though not every couple chooses to serve alcohol at their reception, the vast majority do and getting it right is very important. If you’re looking for a classy addition to the traditional beer and wine at your reception bar, you can’t go wrong with signature seasonal wedding cocktails. You can have a refreshing cocktail that matches your wedding colors, ties into your wedding theme, or is just something to give guests who are thirsty to try something new. For our latest roundup of wedding cocktails, we’ve split the list into seasonal drinks, three for each season. Whether you’re having a white winter wedding or a sultry summer reception, you’re sure to find something to refresh your guests.

Winter Seasonal Wedding Cocktails

Winter can be a chilly time to host your celebration. Here are 3 seasonal wedding cocktails for winter to keep your guests warm and cozy!

White Cocoa and Rum CocktailHot White Chocolate with Rum

This hot chocolate with a twist is sure to warm up even the chilliest guest. The white chocolate, peppermint, and cinnamon provide the sweetness, while the rum gives it a kick to keep the reception going.

Toasty Belly

This wintry cocktail has a shot of bourbon to warm your guests up, with the sweetness of cranberry juice and lemon syrup to provide a sugary boost for the rest of the evening.

Raspberry Martini

Not all winter drinks have to be warm. This martini has a mint sprig to add a winter chill, with raspberries to keep it light and refreshing, but it floats on a nice warming shot of vodka.

Spring Seasonal Wedding Cocktails

Spring is a great time to host your celebration. The colors and weather are ideal, and here are 3 seasonal wedding cocktails for spring to emphasize it.

Blushing Bride

When we think spring weddings, we think champagne brunch receptions. Supercharge the usual mimosas by swapping the orange juice for peach schnapps and grenadine. It kicks a little harder than a mimosa while not sacrificing the sweet fizziness of the classic drink. Pass them out with a few wooden roses to match the beauty of this drink!

Sherry Blossom

It’s not quite margarita season in spring, but you can get an early start on a tequila-based cocktail with this light, refreshing drink. The delicate pink color and fruity flavor mask the wallop of two different types of tequila within.

Pomegranate Pear Dazzler

Pear vodka and pomegranate juice make this delicious spring cocktail really pop. Take it over the top with a garnish of edible glitter and a single rose petal.

Summer Seasonal Wedding Cocktails

Summer is the most popular time of year to host this type of celebration. However, the warmer temperatures call for something a little lighter and sweeter than usual. Here are 3 seasonal wedding cocktails for summer to keep your guests cool and relaxed.

White Sangria

Fresh fruit, wine, and brandy combine to make a potent punch that’s great for a hot summer day. It’s perfect for sipping all afternoon during a lazy evening reception.

Fire & Passion

If you’re having a tropical summer wedding, you can’t go wrong with the burst of passion fruit from this cocktail. It’s basically a screwdriver with a tropical twist, served over crushed ice for maximum chill.

Mint Julep

Add a dash of old-school Southern charm to your wedding with this classic cocktail. Crushed ice and mint make for a cool finish, but beware: this one’s got enough whiskey to put down even the grandest Southern Belle.

Fall Seasonal Wedding Cocktails

Fall is another popular time to get hitched, mainly due to the natural and colorful beauty outdoors. However, with crisper than normal temperatures expected, having something warm and soothing can be just what the doctor ordered. Here are 3 seasonal wedding cocktails for fall to warm the hearts and tummies of your guests.

Mulled Cider

Nothing says fall like hot apple cider. This cocktail kicks it up a notch with mulling spices and apple chunks, then adds some wine for a grown-up twist (you can also substitute rum instead of the wine).

Shop Our Sparklers for Weddings imagePumpkin Spice Martini

Fall just wouldn’t be Fall without pumpkin spice everything. So why shouldn’t your signature cocktail have a helping of nutmeg and cinnamon in it? This martini’s a sweet treat that goes perfectly with falling leaves and a nip in the air.

Autumn Manhattan

This drink combines maple syrup, blood orange, and apple cider with a shot of rye whiskey to make a flavor combination that is undeniably time for autumn. Even the orange and red of the drink look like falling leaves.

Whatever season in the year your wedding will be taking place, there’s a perfect wedding cocktail to keep your reception party rolling well into the evening. Bottoms up!