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Our gold wedding cake sparklers are the perfect way to make your cake-cutting ceremony a much more magical experience! Use them at your event for a dazzling presentation!

  • Designed specifically for use on wedding cakes.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • Lasts for approximately 45-50 seconds each.
  • No color pigments for a virtually smokeless sparkler.
  • Won’t leave residue on frosting or damage cake in any way.
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Our wedding cake sparklers are quickly becoming one of our most popular items, and for good reason. You can make your cake-cutting ceremony a real crowd-pleaser by adding some of these beautiful sparklers into your event.

Much more elegant than sticking traditional wedding sparklers into your cake, these have been specifically designed to enhance the presentation of your wedding cake. Our wedding cake sparklers are 100% food safe, so you won’t have to worry about your cake being rendered inedible. These are also a very popular choice in restaurants who want to accent a special dessert or add a fun twist to birthday celebrations. Our wedding cake sparklers are designed for use with wedding cakes, and are 100% food safe.

*Outside packaging of sparklers may vary in color based on availability.

How Many Do I Need?

Each sparkler will last approximately 40-45 seconds. We suggest having 4 wedding cake sparklers for each tier of your cake, though some brides choose to place one in each piece so the guest can participate in the fun.

Why Buy From Us?

Many couples make the mistake of buying normal gold wedding sparklers to put on their cake, but this yields mixed results. Regular sparklers can sometimes leave a residue on your frosting, which may even be mildly toxic to eat! These sparklers are completely food-grade for a safe experience. Their design keeps the sparks away from the frosting too, so your cake will still look amazing.

Benefits of Wedding Cake Sparklers

  • Designed specifically for use on wedding cakes.
  • Adds a dazzling effect to cake-cutting ceremonies.
  • Made from food-grade materials for a safe experience.
  • Designed to keep cake frosting from being discolored or disturbed.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • No color pigments to keep smoke to a minimum.

Best Uses for Sparklers on a Wedding Cake

This item is primarily used to decorate your cake, but there are various ways to do this. Here are a few ideas on how to use sparklers for your wedding cake to make your day sparkle!

Cake Topper or Decorations

You invested a lot of time and poured through websites for wedding cake inspiration to settle on what you want. Why not draw everyone’s attention to it during your cake-cutting ceremony? By using these sparklers as either your cake topper or on each tier of your cake, you can easily draw everyone’s attention to the front of the room.

First Slices of Cake

Instead of decorating your entire cake, sometimes making a subtle impression is preferable. Consider placing a single wedding cake sparkler into the bride and grooms, slice of cake before handing it out to the rest of the guests. To expand this idea, you could do it for everyone at the head table. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add sparklers to your wedding cake presentation.

Each Piece of Wedding Cake

Instead of only placing them in only a few slices, some couples prefer to include every guest. It will take more coordination (and more sparklers), but it will be an amazing sight when the entire reception hall sparkles from everyone’s piece of cake! You’ll need to delegate some people to get everyone’s cake lit, but it will be well worth the effort.

Though this item is a new concept and won’t appeal to everyone, they are a great way to enhance your reception. They are identical to our bottle sparklers, so they are time-tested and proven. Whether you choose to light only a few or a few hundred, the result will dazzle both you and your wedding guests.

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Package Size

3 Sleeves (15 Sparklers), Full Box (40 Sparklers), 1/2 Case (120 Sparklers), Full Case (250 Sparklers)

37 reviews for Wedding Cake Sparklers

  1. Christina

    I bought these for my wedding cake even though I had never ssen something like them before. I have seen people put candles on their wedding cake, but I had never seen wedding cake sparklers anywhere. They were really cool an were a huge hit at the reception!

  2. Cassie

    I got some of these cake sparklers for a birthday cake for my daughter, and they were really cool! All of her friends really enjoyed them.

  3. Terry J.

    When I bought some of these to use at a wedding for my daughter, I really had no idea what to expect. I tried a few sparkelrs out on a piece of cake before I showed them to her and they were amazing! I think wedding cake sparklers may start to show up at more weddings in the future.

  4. Loretta Jackson

    Got these for my wedding, and they were great! There is something really neat about putting sparklers on a wedding cake, and these do a good job of jkeeping the cake lloking and tasting nice.

  5. Amber

    We bought some of these along with regular wedding sparklers on a whim just to see what they were like. These cake sparklers are very unique and we ended up having to order more before our wedding because we used them up in advance. They look really great on a wedding cake, but make sure you order enough or you may up them up in advance like we did!

  6. Kennedy Tilko

    Nobody at our wedding was expecting sparklers on the wedding cake, so it was a very dramatic presentation. Our guests could not say enough about how cool these were. A truly unique and fun item to make your wedding stand out.

  7. Gianna

    I was a little worried that these cake sparklers would hurt the delicate frosting on my wedding cake, but there was no discoloration whatsoever. These are a great product!

  8. Karen Vargas

    Cool effect on our wedding cake, not ugly residue, and the shipping was really fast. What else can I really say?

  9. Julianne F.

    We were worried that these wedding cake sparklers would damage our cake frosting, but they didn’t at all. Everything stayed clean and they did not affect the cake at all.

  10. Sandy

    We bought a whole case of these cake sparklers so we could put one on each piece of wedding cake to have everyone light them at the same time. They worked exactly as described, and they were a great lead up to the wedding sparklers we used later in the evening.

  11. Adalyn W.

    When I first saw these cake sparklers, I assumed that they would leave a residue on the frosting. After doing some research and reading the description, they claimed that there wouldn’t be any residue left behind. So, I ordered some wedding cakes sparklers and tried them ahead of time and they were telling the truth! No residue and no discoloration on the cake frosting. A truly great product!

  12. Talia

    We bought these for a birthday cake, and all of the kids loved them. You will not regret buying these for your next birthday or wedding celebration!

  13. Lindy H.

    It all started with my sister who had wedding cake sparklers, then two of our cousins had them, and now it is my turn! Using wedding cake sparklers for our weddings has become a new family tradition and is sure to continue for many years to come.

  14. Cheryl

    My experience was excellent. I had asked a question and received a prompt response with suggestions about which to purchase. The sparklers arrived promptly, They were a big hit at our Elks Lodge birthday party, I am attaching a couple of photos. If I remember correctly, shipping was ground and they arrived in plenty of time.

  15. Lynn

    We enjoyed the sparklers at my daughter’s wedding on September 30. The sparklers arrived in a timely manner, though I don’t remember exactly how quickly they arrived. I found the ordering and the response to be quite easy. When I get the photos back from the photographer, I will send you a picture of the send off with the sparklers. Thank you for serving us.

  16. Janelle

    I wanted a wedding cake that was impossible to outdo, and these sparklers obliterate the competition! My guests are going to be talking about my wedding for years to come, and this is just one of the great things I have planned.

  17. Ken

    Cool sparklers and order arrived quickly. Overall I am very pleased.

  18. Cali J.

    We put 4 of these on each tier of our cake. What fun!

  19. Alexa

    Actually bought these for my parent’s 50th anniversary, but they worked perfect. These do exactly what they are described to do.

  20. Sandy

    Holy cow! I had no idea anything like this even existed until the day of my wedding. Stupidly, we didn’t try one out ahead of time. So we thought we were about to dazzle the guests, but really we dazzled ourselves too. A wonderful display that everyone loved, I’d recommend them to anyone.

  21. Susan

    I was worried these would ruin the frosting on our cake. No need to worry, they don’t touch it at all! Super fun for our top tier and everyone kept asking where we bought them.

  22. Kip Sorenson

    These were awesome on my son’s birthday cake! Much more memorable than regular candles. Also, they didn’t damage the frosting. Excellent product!

  23. Winston S.

    Just had our 50th anniversary and I bought these for the cake. Very impressive.

  24. Tommy K.

    Great for a birthday cake instead of candles.

  25. Janeese Brown

    Wish I had found these years ago! I will never buy regular candles again for any event.

  26. Laci

    Better than any other topper you could hope for!

  27. Alisha

    Much cooler than any cake topper I could find online. So happy with our cake cutting ceremony. Thank you guys!

  28. Leo

    Great pricing, fast delivery, and they worked just as described. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. Thanks WDS!

  29. Dorcas E.

    My son liked these WAY more than regular candles.

  30. Jeramiah E.

    Much more impactful than a traditional cake topper.

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