Sparklers are showing up at almost every wedding these days, and that’s because of all the fun uses for them. You’ve probably seen or heard about a few ways to use weddings sparklers, but there are literally dozens of great ideas floating around out there. But what is the best way to use sparklers on your big day? Which method is going to provide the best bang for your buck? Here are sixteen unexpected ways to use wedding sparklers for a variety of different applications. These are by far the most popular options that will also create a huge impact.

Using Sparklers for your Send-Off Line

By far the most popular option is to use sparklers during your wedding send-off line instead of rice or confetti. This also provides one of the most exciting experiences possible. Simply replace the normal birdseed, rice, confetti, or bubbles with wedding sparklers instead. Your photos will be better, your guests will love it, and you will both feel like the center of attention one last time on your big day!

Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers in your Photos

Sparklers always seem to make photos more interesting, but there are two ways to do it that work the best. Here’s a little information about each of those ways.

Writing in the Air

One of the most sought-after photos for many brides involves writing in the air with lit sparklers. You and your guests can create all sorts of great effects by drawing, letters, numbers, or shapes in the air with a sparkler. Just get everything setup and let your photographer capture the magic on film!

As a Photo Backdrop

Handing out wedding sparklers for your guests to hold in the background of images is another unexpected visual treat! Imagine a deep, passionate, kiss with the glow of sparklers in the background. What could be more romantic than that?

3 Ways to Create Wedding Sparkler Centerpieces imageWays to Use Wedding Sparklers in your Centerpieces

Using them in your centerpieces may seem silly at first, but it’s actually a great way to dispense wedding sparklers at your reception! It’s also one of the easiest ways to use wedding sparklers there is. Here are three clever ways to integrate sparklers into your centerpieces without making them stick out like a sore thumb.

Mixed with Floral Centerpieces

The easiest way to create sparkler centerpieces is to mix them in with the normal flowers you are already planning to use. The sparklers will blend in perfectly, and you can place a little instructional card near the vase to inform guests of how and when they are to be used.

On Sparkler Tags or in Holders

Instead of placing them directly in your centerpieces, you can decorate your sparklers using tags or holders. Just choose a sparkler tag or holder online that match your wedding theme. You can find a ton of great options on sites like Etsy. You can place them at each seat for an elegant and fun way to give your guests an unexpected surprise.

Bucket of Sparklers at Guestbook Table

Instead of placing them in centerpieces at each table, consider consolidating them to one easy to find bucket. The best place to put your sparkler bucket is at the guestbook table so everyone can see it. Add a little sign to encourage guests to take a sparkler along with any information about how and when they should be used.

Using Sparklers during your First Dance

One great way to make your first dance more special is to have your guests surround you with lit sparklers. Imagine having all of your friends and loved ones watching you dance with the dazzling effect of sparklers all around you! You will adore the photos, and you will know that all eyes are on you and your amazing love.

Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers during your Ceremony

Most people find ways to use wedding sparklers during their reception, but there are also a few ways to use them during your ceremony. Here are three fun ways to create an unexpected and elegant display during your actual wedding.

During Bride’s Entrance

Imagine that everyone stands for the bride while they’re holding lit sparklers. It’s an amazing sight to see while preparing to enter the ceremony hall and it adds a little something extra to the entrance.

During the First Kiss

Similar to during the bride’s entrance, you can have your guests light their sparklers just before the big kiss. Not only will you feel amazing standing at the altar, but you’ll capture some breathtaking photos at the same time.

As a Unity Candle Substitute

Many couples do sand ceremonies or light unity candles, but this is also one of the best ways to use wedding sparklers instead! You could either both hold the sparkler while it performs, or you could each have a small sparkler and light a larger sparkler together!

Ways to Use Wedding Sparklers on your Cake

It may not be a stretch to use sparklers on a birthday cake, but what about your wedding cake? Here are some fun ways to make an ordinary cake into something much more wondrous.

For Cake-Cutting Ceremonies

Consider adding some wedding cake sparklers to your tiers before you cut your cake. They can draw everyone’s attention to your cake-cutting ceremony while also making it a more remarkable and memorable event.

Instead of Birthday Candles

Most people use candles on their birthday cake, but why not sparklers instead? Replace those boring birthday candles with specially designed sparklers for a spectacular presentation. Make sure you buy birthday candle sparklers instead of using regular ones to ensure you don’t damage your frosting.

Using Number Shaped Sparklers on a Cake

Instead of using sparklers designed for cakes, you can optionally use number sparklers. Essentially, they are regular sparklers that are formed in the shape of a number. You can use them to write out the year or your wedding date on the top tier of your cake. However, since they aren’t designed for use on food, make sure you leave plenty of space between the lit end of the sparklers and your frosting.

Ways to Use Sparklers on your Champagne Bottles

Using sparklers on your champagne bottles can be a great way to make things more exciting! There’s nothing more unexpected than a champagne bottle shooting out sparks, so it really adds a lot of “wow factor” for a small budget. Here are three common ways that bottle sparklers are utilized at a wedding.

On Champagne Bottles for your Wedding Toast

Before you bring your champagne bottles out for the big toast at your wedding, consider adding a few bottle sparklers to them. Turn down the lights and have three bottles of champagne brought to the head table! For a grander experience, consider adding them to each table’s champagne bottle.

On New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is another event where champagne is common, so why not dress things up with bottle sparklers? Light your bottle sparklers when the countdown begins, and then pop the cork at the stroke of midnight. It can be a really fun way to celebrate ringing in a new year.

At Nightclubs for Bottle Service

Many nightclubs offer bottle service packages, and sparklers can really help to increase sales. Acquiring sparklers for bottle service is very low cost and can add a huge perceived value to your bottle service. For around $1 per package ordered, you can easily offset the cost with just one additional purchase from a customer.

No matter if you plan to use sparklers at an indoor wedding or for a completely different type of event, there are many unexpected ways to use them. After reading through these ways to use wedding sparklers, I’m sure you may have ideas of your own. Just remember to be safe and enjoy the show!