With the cool breeze of autumn in the air, families around the country are preparing for Halloween. Each October 31st, children from coast to coast don their favorite costumes and head out for endless buckets of candy. However, there are plenty of fun traditions besides trick-or-treating that can make this holiday more festive. For families with a more adventurous spirit, it can be fun to find ways to use sparklers on Halloween.

Obviously, there are time-tested traditions like carving pumpkins and making homemade pizza that are staples of this event. Additionally, other events like Diwali can me intertwined with Halloween to make it a multi-cultural experience. If you’re interested in spicing up your holiday adventures, read on for some great tips on using sparklers to achieve that very goal.

Popular Ways to Use Sparklers on Halloween

image of a Halloween Costume Involving SparklersOver the years, I’ve discovered several different ways that our products can be used for your celebration. However, there is a very short list of ideas that I consider to be the most popular due to the feedback of our customers. To help inspire you, I’ve put together those ideas in one concise list. Here’s what you need to know.

1 – Illuminate Your Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the easiest ways to use sparklers on Halloween is as a replacement for candles in your Jack-O-Lanterns. By design, sparklers work great as pumpkin lights because they can be anchored into the flesh at the base. Sadly, there is one definite drawback to this method; the pumpkins won’t stay lit up for as long with LEDs or candles. However, it’s a much better show and you can always switch to candles one the performance concludes.

2 – Make Them Part of Your Costume

Costumes are an integral part of this holiday, and certain costumes can really benefit from a sparkler or two. For instance, maybe you want to dress up like a robot. If so, a few sparklers can act like short-circuiting wires for a dramatic effect. Or, perhaps you want to shoot sparks out of your wizard wand to make a cool entrance at a holiday party. The point is that there are plenty of cheap DIY costume ideas that can easily be upgraded with our products. Just make sure to make safe choices; you don’t want to end up in the E.R. for Halloween!

3 – Decorate your Halloween Cupcakes

Candy is definitely king on this hallowed day, but many families like to decorate cookies or make cupcakes, too. If you are planning the ladder, consider giving them a ghastly overhaul with a few of our items adorning the tops. We offer special cake sparklers that will garnish them perfectly and help warm those chilly hands after a night of scoring candy; along with some hot cider or cocoa of course! It’s a small activity, but it is one of the more popular ways to use sparklers on Halloween that I’ve found.

4 – Hand Them Out as a “Treat” for Parents

Most people are so laser-focused on the candy for children that the parents are completely overlooked. If you’re like me, you’ll troll through the kids’ stash and cherry-pick a few of your favorites. However, this is a far cry of having something fun given directly to me. Consider handing out packages of sparklers to the parents of children in your neighborhood. It will be a welcomed change-up, and it will have the parents in your community glowing.

5 – A Special Activity After Trick-or-Treating

Most families have a special tradition to cap off All Hollow’s Eve in a fun way. Some people comb through their candy haul, while others sit around the fire telling spooky stories. Whatever you prefer to do, adding a few of our products into the mix is an easy way to make it more special. I like to use them as a front yard distraction so I can sneak behind my friends and give them a quick scare; but that’s just me.

6 – Special Effects at a Haunted Attraction

Beyond the obvious things I’ve mentioned, there are some creative and unorthodox ideas floating around out there, too. One that seems to be mentioned quite often is using them as a special effect for a haunted house or attraction. Typically, people use strobe lights or other visual stimuli to create a specific atmosphere. In fact, there are a lot of haunted attractions in the USA that use this tactic on a professional scale. Just make sure you are being smart and safe with your planning; you should never do anything questionable that could put a spectator in harm’s way.

7 – Use Them Just for Fun

Lastly, you don’t really need a plan when searching for ways to use sparklers for Halloween. At the end of the day, you can simply hand them out and have a fantastic time. Whether you include them in a time-tested tradition or not, they can easily become part of your yearly activities. Just make sure to be safe and you can always have a reliable way to enhance your fall time fun.

Where to Find Them and What to Buy

Image of a 36 Inch Smokless SparklerOnce you’ve decide on how you plan to use them, yo need to make sure you have a place to buy them. Not every area of the country has access to sparklers all year long, so you need to have a backup. Additionally, you need to know which ones to buy! Here is what you need to know to get ahead of the game.

Where to Buy Sparklers for Halloween

If you happen to live in a state where fireworks are legal all year, you probably have a local fireworks store. Of that’s the case, you are in luck! You can just go stock up on sparklers without much effort. However, for the rest of us, finding them on October can be a massive challenge. Fortunately, you can buy Halloween sparklers online and save yourself a world of hassle. With a massive selection and by far the best prices, ordering online is the right choice no matter the circumstances.

Best Sparklers for This Event

Once you decide whether or not to shop online, you need to know what it is exactly that you’re shopping for. Depending on your activity, there are certain designs that work better than others. As I mentioned, there are special cake sparklers for your cupcakes. Additionally, they work great if you plan to illuminate a pumpkin. However, other activities require a more traditional design; and luckily we have plenty to offer in that department, too.

Overall, I usually suggest traditional gold sparklers for your spooky event. Whether you plan to hand them out to parents or make them part of a costume, they are almost always the best choice. Obviously, specialty versions will be king for certain scenarios. However, if you want a quick answer, traditional “stick” versions will work in almost any situation.

Are These Ways to Use Sparklers on Halloween Right for Your Family?

In the end, you should only use these ideas as a guideline for your own endeavors. Whether you follow them as gospel or not is up to you, but creativity is the foundation for any great success. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful and it has inspired you to create a unique experience for your friends and family. If you want more ideas, check out our holiday sparkler inspiration section for everything you could possibly imagine. Good luck and I hope you find all the fun ways to use sparklers on Halloween!