When the weather starts cooling off, people break out the sweatshirts to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, or other fun activities, most people agree the autumn air is perfect for staying comfortable. However, there are also a lot of holidays, events, and other milestone occasions that you’ll be celebrating along the way. To improve the festivities, many people stock up on fall sparklers to complete their party.

Generally speaking, they are just regular sparklers that you use in the fall. More important than the version you choose is how and when you decide to use them. There are many fun activities you can do in autumn with the whole family, and our products can make them better. In this guide, I’ll cover some of the most popular ways people use them. Enjoy!

Popular Activities for Using Fall Sparklers

Image of People Using Sparklers While Camping in the FallBelow, I’ve broken down a list of the most popular ideas and activity choices out there. This includes holidays, special events, and a few random curve-balls that I’ve heard about over the years. Hopefully, this list will help you find some fun and interesting ideas of your own.

Enjoy Them While Camping

Camping is a classic pastime during the later months of the year. First off, the bugs are a lot less of an issue. Second, the cooler weather makes sleeping in a tent or enjoying a campfire more enjoyable. However, there are many other fun things you can do while sitting around the fire than just roasting marshmallows! For instance, using sparklers while camping can offer some key benefits compared to other options. For instance, they are both fun and functional since they repel bugs. It may not be for everyone, but they are a great addition to the entertainment on a cool October evening,

Back to School Celebration for Parents

One of the more creative notions I’ve encountered are parents using them to celebrate when the kids return to school. For many busy parents, school starting again is a welcomed bastion to their overwhelmed lives. Picture yourself cracking a bottle of wine, sitting in the quiet, and holding a lit sparkler. It’s an extremely simple pleasure, but those are my favorite types of things.

Use Them at a Football Party

Football is basically synonymous with the autumn months, and millions of people get involved. A lot of people host football watching parties for their favorite NFL teams, and you can even tailgate if you are feeling very adventurous. Typically, the biggest parties are for major games like the playoffs and the Super Bowl. To make the party better, many people use fall sparklers as part of their game plan. Most commonly, they are used for special occasions like lighting a sparkler during an NFL draft party when your team makes a selection. However, you can use them any time there’s football on TV; and that’s why it made my fall list.

Commemorate the Autumnal Equinox

Twice per year, the Earth marks a milestone called an “equinox”. This happens once in the spring and once in the fall, and it’s when those respective seasons begin. Autumn is often associated with coming of age, maturity, and the closing of the calendar year. For these reasons, people tend to use sky lanterns for a fall equinox celebration. However, sparklers can easily fit the bill as well! Just hand them out, light them out, and celebrate the changing of the seasons in a brilliant way! It won’t carry the same symbolism as sky lanterns, but it will still be a ton of fun.

Celebrate Diwali

Image of Boy Using Sparklers for DiwaliDiwali is a very cherish Hindu holiday that is celebrated each year. Also known as the “festival of light”, fireworks are often considered a modern way to celebrate. Traditionally, you would just light small candles to observe this holiday as a way to “ward off evil spirits”. However, using Diwali sparklers instead is a great alternative that will bring your celebration into the new age. Best of all, it will feel like a gift for the children; so you’ll be making your family happy at the same time.

Halloween Fun with Fall Sparklers

Halloween is another fun holiday that the entire family can enjoy. Kids love dressing up to go trick-or-treating while the adults attend costume parties. Additionally, haunted houses, spooky movies, and carving pumpkins are classic activities. However, there are many uses for fall sparklers when enjoying these small pleasures. Sadly, it can be tough to find them locally during this time of year. Fortunately, you can buy Halloween sparklers online and have them in plenty of time for your festivities! From lighting up your pumpkins to ending the night in style, they are a fantastic treat for any evening filled with tricks; and, of course, candy.

A New Type of Thanksgiving Tradition

When most people think about thanksgiving, fireworks are the last thing on their mind. Typically, this holiday conjures up visions of roasted turkey, stuffing, and delicious pumpkin pie. Additionally, it’s a time to share with those around you what makes you most thankful this year. Instead of just taking turns talking around the table, one fun twist involves buying sparklers for thanksgiving to use as a “talking stick”. It is a very subtle addition, but it allows the person speaking to feel special and appreciated. Who knows? Maybe it will become your newest family Thanksgiving tradition!

Weddings, Birthdays, and Other Occasions

Lastly, I’ll lump together all the various special events light birthdays and weddings into one concept. Sure, there are a lot of ways to use them between cakes and send-off lines. However, those same rules apply pretty much across the board. Since we primarily offer sparklers for weddings, our website already has thousands of great stories and ideas to offer you as a reader. For birthdays or anniversaries, you can simply extrapolate from there. If you spend a little time planning how they’ll be involved, you can add a lot of fun for a small price tag with fall sparklers.

What Type of Fall Sparklers are the Best?

Image of a 36 Inch Smokless SparklerWhen it comes to deciding on the best sparklers for fall, I like to break it down into two categories. First, you have the versions that are safe to use indoors. Second, you have the versions that are designed for outdoor use only. Here’s a breakdown of each to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Indoor Sparkler Options

Sparklers that are designed for indoor use have some special properties that make them safe without ventilation. In general, you want to make sure you are choosing smokeless sparklers if you plan to be in confined spaces. The hallmarks of a smokeless product include being made of steel wire and creating gold sparks. They are available in lengths ranging from 8 inches all the way up to 36 inches. However, the size is less important than their construction method. If they are made from steel and create gold sparks, they are considered smokeless fall sparklers.

Outdoor Sparkler Options

Conversely, there are plenty of variations that are designed implicitly to be used outdoors. This is because they contain either strong color pigments or create special effects that produce a lot of smoke. Generally, you can assume any sparkler that creates sparks in a color other than gold to be for outdoor use only. Additionally, if they are made from wooden handles, such as bamboo, they are not safe to use indoors. Make sure you choose your fall sparklers carefully if so you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are Fall Sparklers a Fun and Safe Family Activity?

Since most of these events and occasions involve the whole family, many of our customers ask if they are safe. The answer is that they are absolutely safe if you follow common sense safety guidelines. Obviously, you need to have children old enough and competent enough to handle them safely. However, if you make smart choices, even a fall sparkler send-off near dry leaves can be a safe experience. Make sure you have all the proper safety equipment on hand and make smart decisions. If you do that, almost all age groups can participate safely.

Hopefully, this guide has illustrated the many ways that fall sparklers can enhance the season for you and your family. Whether you take them along camping or you use them on Halloween, they have almost infinite uses. From everyone here, we hope you have a magical autumn season filled with happiness and sparkles. Thanks for reading!