Whether you are having a backyard party or you are hosting a wedding, there are many great ways to pair sky lanterns with sparklers. Some people prefer to use them in their celebration activities. Similarly, some like to use them as favors for their event. Here are a few ways that you can pair them elegantly and create the biggest impact possible for your special occasion.

Pairing Sky Lanterns and Sparklers at a Backyard Party

Backyard parties are a fantastic time to use either sparklers or sky lanterns. However, they can be even better when they are used together! Here are some fun ways to use them both to create cool activities that your guests will love.

Land and Air Display

If you are thinking about using them as party favors, consider doing a dual “land and air” display with your items. Split your guests into two groups; one for sparklers and one for sky lanterns. Have the lantern group begin the process of lighting and releasing them while the other group is on standby. Once the lanterns are ready to go, then it is time to light the sparklers. As the lanterns float into the air, the complimentary ground display will create an interesting dynamic that everyone will enjoy.

Pair Sky Lanterns with Sparklers to End the Party

Creating a “Farewell” experience at the end of a party can be a fun way to cap things off. To utilize both items, you just need to follow the right order. Similar to releasing balloons, you can release a few sky lanterns to signify that the party has come to an end. Afterwards, you can hand out and light a sparkler for each guest to hold as they walk to their vehicle. It can be a fun activity and also clear people out quickly.

Pairing Sky Lanterns and Sparklers at a Wedding

Wedding are by far the most common time to use either of these items, so pairing them together makes logical sense. Whether you are planning a wedding exit with sparklers or want to hand out sky lanterns as favors, here’s the skinny on how to team up their features. If done properly, it can make your entire event much more memorable!

Image of People Using Sparklers at a Wedding ExitUsing Them During a Wedding Exit

Sparklers and wedding exits go hand-in-hand; so it’s no surprise that they are a prime candidate for pairing! Though sky lanterns aren’t typically used during a wedding exit, they can be a great accent in the backdrop. Consider having the wedding party release them as the rest of your guests hold sparklers along the aisle. This dual approach can add a whole new dynamic to an otherwise traditional activity.

Using Them as Wedding Favors

A common way to use either item is as a wedding favor. You can place them in a basket up front, or you can put them o your tables. Some people even integrate them into their centerpieces! However you distribute them, giving your guests both can double the fun, too.

Sparklers as a Backdrop

Many couples release a lantern together as a symbolic gesture. This is done instead of a sand ceremony or the lighting of a unity candle. Some couples even do the entire wedding party as part of their group release. However, you can recruit some extra people to stand in the backdrop holding their lit wedding sparklers for an added effect. If you want the most memorable photos possible, there’s simply no substitute for pairing these items up.

Image of a Shooting Star Sky LanternAttaching Sparklers to your Sky Lanterns

Let me begin by saying that WE IN NO WAY ENDORSE THIS IDEA. However, it is something that is floated around very often (pun intended), it should be addressed. Some foolish people decide that it’s a good idea to tie sparklers to their sky lanterns before being released. The idea is that it will create a trail of sparks; which it certainly will do. However, it is a terrible idea for a variety of reasons.

First, one of the sparklers could fall off and severely injure someone; whether from burns or by starting a fire. There’s no safe way to attach them without the possibility of a mishap. Second, the metal wire that makes up a sparkler is not biodegradable. The only reason that sky lanterns are legal in most states is because they harmlessly disintegrate quickly. Both make them a very poor choice at any event. Fortunately, there are alternatives that will create the same effect without posing any of the risks.

A Safe Alternative Combining the Two

To cater to people wanting a trail of sparks, manufacturers created shooting star sky lanterns to be a safe alternative. It is much safer than trying to rig something yourself. Additionally, the design allows for maximum spark because it is tested for exactly that. By choosing a factory-made option instead of doing it yourself, you will get the best quality and the safest experience possible.

Whether you only wanted one or were struggling to fit both into your plan, hopefully this guide on how to pair sparklers with sky lanterns was helpful. There are many benefits to using them together, and it will never diminish the importance of each. If your budget allows, choosing both is always the best option.