Here’s a really great video of sky lanterns being released at the same time. This should give you an idea of how dramatic the effect can be. Also, it demonstrates what a cool addition to your wedding reception sky lanterns can be.

As you can see from this video of sky lanterns, each one goes pretty much straight up in the air. While a lot of people are concerned about trees and other structures like building being in the way of their sky lantern launch, you can see from this video that you really don’t need that much open space as long as it’s not overly windy.

Basic Tips

As long as you have an open are to gather and release your sky lanterns without obstructions in the immediate area, and you follow the instructions; you can enjoy sky lanterns at your wedding with minimal risk of incident even if you are in an area with trees or building somewhat nearby. But as always, we urge you to use good common sense and always stay on the safe side of things when deciding if sky lanterns are going to be part of your wedding celebration.

What this Video of Sky Lanterns Teaches Us

Overall, Chinese sky lanterns are a great way to celebrate at your wedding. As this video shows, there is nothing quite like the sight of so many being released at the same time. Furthermore, you can make it a more customized experience by decorating your sky lanterns. Even just using a few sharpies to write on them can make the experience more entertaining.

However, you don’t necessarily need to release hundreds at once to have a fun experience. Perhaps you are having an intimate wedding with a smaller guest list. You can get the same drama by releasing a single lantern as a couple, or just having your wedding party participate. No matter ho many you release, you can get an amazing effect that you’ll remember forever.