Every time fall rolls around, football fans get extremely excited about their favorite pastime: tailgating. Before the game, most people get together to grill food like brats and psych each other up for the action. However, using sparklers while tailgating can be another fun addition to the celebration! There are plenty of great ways to use them as the ultimate accessory for this type of occasion; both before and after the game. And, of course, there’s always using sparklers for games that I don’t mention. Here is a breakdown of the different ways you can use them to make the event even better.

Using Sparklers While Tailgating Before the Game

Generally, most gatherings for this type of event happen before the game starts. That’s because it’s impossible to know the outcome of the game before it’s played, and celebrating after the fact is contingent on whether you win or lose. Here is a list of the best ways of using sparklers while tailgating before the start of the action.

Greeting Other Tailgaters

As your friends and co-fans pull into the parking lot, you can use them as a way to greet them upon arrival. There’s no warmer welcome than sparks flying in the air, and people can see them for quite a distance away. I like to use neon colored sparklers for this because they are highly visible in the late morning sunlight. However, pretty much any type can do the job in a pinch.

Play Parking Attendant

Image of Parking Attendant with and LED WandIf you’ve ever been to a very full event parking lot, you’ve seen those little handheld wands that the parking attendants use to guide people where to park. Similarly, using sparklers while tailgating can create the very same effect. The other fans will love it, and you can take pride in knowing that you’re helping people find their way.

Announce Food is Ready

Food is a very important part of any tailgate party, but letting people know it’s ready can be a challenge. Usually, people are wandering around and mingling throughout the parking lot. So, trying to track them all down can prove to be a futile endeavor. However, by lighting a few sparklers, everyone will be able to see your notification immediately. Sure, you could just send out a Facebook notification; but my version is far more entertaining.

Decorate a Special Pre-Game Cake

Of course, not all of our products need to be held in your hand to use them. Additionally, you need to have something sweet on hand to satisfy those people with a sweet tooth. My solution: just use our special cake sparklers to decorate your pregame cake or cupcakes! They perform like a little fountain, won’t damage your frosting, and will help to get everyone in the mood. Consider shaping them like little footballs to complete the entire look.

Get Hyped Up Before Kickoff

Sometimes you don’t need to get all fancy just to have a good time, and tailgaters are notoriously casual. So, consider just handing them out during your party and doing them as a group before you turn on the game or head to the stadium. They are the ultimate accessory to help you get your posse in the mood during your normal pregame shenanigans.

Using Sparklers While Tailgating After the Game

Some people continue tailgating after the game; especially if their team happens to score a victory. There are a variety of ways that they can be used after the game is over, and here is a shortlist of things to keep in mind.

Celebration Sparklers

The most obvious way to use sparklers while tailgating after a game is as a celebration tool. Sparklers are literally synonymous with celebrations, so it’s pretty obvious to consider it. Imagine watching a great football match and then regrouping with your friends to chat and cheer over the victory. It’s hard to imagine a more fun experience, and that’s why it takes the top spot on my list.

Solidarity in Defeat

Sadly, we all know that you may experience defeat at your football event. Though nothing can fully take away the sting from a big loss, sparklers can serve as a way to have solidarity in defeat. Some people claim that the light is symbolic of a brighter day on the horizon. Others claim that you can drown your sorrows in the flickering lights. However, I say that it’s much like eating ice cream when you’re on your death bed; at least you get to enjoy some sweet in the face of so much anguish.

Champagne Toast if the Game Was Important

Lastly, there is yet another great way to use them if it was an important game like a playoff berth or victory; and that’s during a grand champagne toast. However, it’s important that you get the right type of product so that you can do this safely. Fortunately, we offer special sparklers that attach to bottles so you can have fun without any risk of safety issues. Just attach it, light, wait for the show to conclude, and then pop the cork. There are few more memorable ways to commemorate a big win, and all of the other fans will appreciate your efforts.

Best Type of Sparklers for Tailgating Parties

Image of a Girl Using Sparklers While Tailgating Before a Football GameWhen it comes to choosing the right product, you need know what will work best for your situation. For instance, you want to choose wedding sparklers if you are planning to use them at a reception. Similarly, there are different versions available for events like tailgate parties that you should consider. Moreover, there are specialty items for cakes, bottles, and virtually any other situation you can imagine. So, which ones work best for tailgating?

Overall, I always suggest going with a color option that matches your team colors. There are versions that create very exotic neon colors, but there are also more standardized versions that will just create tints of your team’s color scheme. However, since you are tailgating outside, you don’t need to worry about smoke. So, there’s really no need to avoid choosing color sparklers which are vastly more impressive in every other aspect.

Is Using Sparklers While Tailgating Safe?

Safety is always a big concern when using sparklers, but it’s never more important than when people are drinking. Since football and beers are basically synonymous, you need to use extra caution if you’re going to stay safe. Fortunately, most of my suggestions take place before you would have a chance to have too many. However, particularly if you’re using them after the game, you need to exercise caution. Make sure you aren’t too intoxicated, and make sure there is at least one sober adult supervising the action.

Also, make sure you have fire extinguishers and first aid kits on hand in case something goes wrong. Normally, you can use sparklers without any major concerns. But, since it’s tailgating, you need to be extra vigilant and ready for anything.

Alternatives to Sparklers at a Tailgating Event

Of course, some people are very risk-adverse and want to eliminate any chance of chaos. Fortunately, there are some 100% safe options available for those situations. The best option you have is to opt for LED sparklers instead of traditional versions since they don’t have any open flames. If you want to go a completely different route, confetti or smoke bombs can also do the job nicely. The most important thing is that you choose an item that you are comfortable with and can make your tailgating experience better. If you do those two things, you’ll be several steps ahead of most football fans.

At the end of the day, using sparklers while tailgating is a fun and creative addition to the celebration. Whether you use them before or after the game, it can be a unique twist on otherwise standard practices. Just make sure to get the right ones and follow all the standard sparkler safety guidelines. If you do, you can have a fun and exciting experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Go team!