Sporting events are one of the most popular times to get your friends together for a party. Additionally, it can be a huge celebration if your team actual wins! Besides bowls of chips, finger foods, and ice cold beer, there isn’t too much that’s special beyond the event itself. However, using sparklers to celebrate sporting events can add a whole new dynamic! Imagine the fun when your team wins the big game and you break out sparklers for everyone to enjoy. I guarantee it will be a moment you’ll remember forever.

However, choosing which sporting events are appropriate can be a bit tricky. There are several things to keep in mind before you start doling out sparklers to everyone in your house. Additionally, choosing the right type of sparklers can be challenging if you don’t use them often. Here is a breakdown of several popular sporting events you can celebrate by using sparklers. Additionally, I’ll cover which types are the most appropriate for the situation at hand. Here’s what you need to know.

15 Most Popular Sporting Events and Using Sparklers to Celebrate Them

There are a lot of great sporting events in the world, and using sparklers to celebrate them can be a fun concept. However, some events are more appropriate than others, and some it simply doesn’t work for. Here is a list of the most popular games and whether or not our products are a good fit.

FIFA World Cup

Though it doesn’t happen every year, the FIFA World Cup is one of the largest sporting events on Earth. Countries from all over the world send their team to compete for the title of “world’s greatest soccer team”. Imagine lighting a sparkler after every goal your team scores with all of your friends. Then imagine using them when they claim the world cup! In my opinion, it’s one of the best events for using our products.

The Olympic Games

Image of Atheletes at the Olympic GamesIn sports, there is no greater competition than the Olympic Games. Covering nearly every type of competition, athletes from around the globe come together for the spectacle. Though there are individual competitions with more viewers, collectively it is the most watched event in the entire world. Plus, you can use sparklers to emulate the Olympic torch! The Olympics provide plenty of great opportunities to use our products during your parties.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is by far the most popular televised event in the world. Each year, millions of people tune in to see the outcome. Additionally, people have huge parties with all their friends and family. In fact, over 1 billion chicken wings are consumed each year for the Super Bowl! So, gluttony and celebrating is in full swing; a perfect time for sparklers to make an appearance! Next time, instead of chips and dip, try handing your guests sparklers. I promise, it will smell much nicer than the alternative.

The Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament is the most coveted prize in all of golf. All of the best golfers in the world compete, and the winner is awarded with a green jacket. However, golf is a “gentleman’s game”. And having any kind of ruckus is frowned upon. So, using sparklers to celebrate golf is not a very smart idea. Sadly, you’re likely to get kicked out before you even see the performance through. Of course, you could do them privately at your home. However, not many people have parties for a golf tournament; and without other people, using a sparkler isn’t very entertaining.


Tennis is another very formal activity that people take very seriously. The ultimate honor to achieve in this arena is winning at Wimbledon, and it’s a much larger event than they show on television. In reality, dozens of matches are happening on the stadium grounds. Usually, they only showcase the matches occurring in the main arena. Like golf, most people frown on the idea of lighting sparklers during a match, so you’ll either have to wait until the end or do them at home.

NBA Finals

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and the NBA Finals are the culmination of the entire season. As a tournament-style event, the first team to win four games is crowned the champion. So, if you plan to use our products, it’s best to wait until your team is already up by three games. That way, you prevent celebrating too soon or feeling let down when you need to wait.

Kentucky Derby

Image of Horses Racing at the Kentucky DerbyThe Kentucky Derby is the prized gem of the horse racing community. As the first leg of the Triple Crown, it only lasts around two minutes from start to finish. However, the event itself is a very big to do and lasts for several hours. In fact, some people even camp out and party for days as part of the festivities. Given the length of the race, most sparklers last the perfect amount of time for the event. However, horses spook easily so it may not be a good idea if you’re too close to the action. It’s better to use them either before or after the race to be courteous to everyone involved.

Daytona 500

Some people don’t consider car racing a sport, but it fits every criteria to have that label. In fact, as a spectator, you can expect the Daytona 500 to offer thrills not seen elsewhere. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for using sparklers to celebrate! Imagine holding one during the final lap and as the first car crosses the checkered flag. Very few things can make you feel part of the action in the same way.

The World Series

Baseball is often called America’s pastime, and overall it is the most watched sport in the country. Of course, football tends to draw a bigger audience for each game, but the MLB teams play a whopping 168 games each year! When the World Series rolls around, fans have all sorts of traditions. From specific chants to waving around handkerchiefs, everything is on the table. However, one of the most entertaining options is to hold up a sparkler during the final inning. It will let your team know that you have their back, and also serve to distract the opposing team from making a big play.

Tour De France

Bicycle racing is often overlooked, but almost everyone enjoys the Tour De France. Sadly, after the scandals in past years with doping, it has lost a bit of its luster. However, it is still one of the most anticipated sporting events of the entire year. Imagine being there in person to cheer on your favorite cyclist with sparklers as they pit stop for water. Similarly, you can stand at the finishing line with them to show your support. Whatever you decide, it’s a great way of using sparklers to celebrate sporting events.

March Madness

March Madness is by far the longest and most intricate tournament on Earth. Starting with 64 of the best NCAA basketball teams, it culminates into the “Final Four” and ultimately a championship game. Since it lasts more than a month, doing sparklers for every game can be impractical. However, many people love to do them after their team has won the championship. Trust me, using sparklers to celebrate sporting events like March Madness is much better than riots and civil unrest. Sadly, that type of behavior is all too common during a victory celebration for college students.

Indianapolis 500

Image of a Formula 1 Car at the Indianapolis 500Like the Daytona 500, another popular auto race is the Indianapolis 500. The major difference is that the Indy 500 features formula one race cars with are much faster and more agile than their stock car counterparts. Spectators enjoy seeing the fastest cars in the world maneuver a complex course with hairpin curves. Again, seeing the crowd holding sparklers as they pass the finish line will be a welcomed sight to most drivers.

BCS National Championship

The BCS National Championship is essentially the “Super Bowl” of college football. Though there are a number of different college bowl games, this is the one for all the marbles. However, like most football games, they aren’t going to let you bring sparklers into the stadium. Instead, you could consider using them during your tailgating party or for a post-game party. Either way, it’s one of the best ways to celebrate using sparklers out there.

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon may not be the most popular event on television, but millions of people turn out for the celebration. Athletes compete in a grueling 26 mile course that is anything but easy. Typically, you would think the same logic that applies to the Tour De France would apply here. However, after the attack a few years ago, people are very wary about fireworks of any sort at the event. Simply put: the Boston Marathon is just not the right place to start lighting sparklers.

Stanley Cup Finals

Hockey is another sport, like soccer, that brings together the international community. Hockey is loved in most countries throughout the world, and there is even a World Cup of Hockey in addition to it being part of the Olympic Games. However, the most popular tournament for hockey is called the Stanley Cup Finals and is the championship series for the NHL. In some cities, it’s actually customary to use sparklers and other fireworks during the player introductions. Similarly, they are often used when a team scores a goal. So, it’s not a far leap to consider using sparklers to celebrate at your own home viewing! Just hand them out and enjoy them whenever you choose. Trust me; your guests are going to enjoy it more than you think!

Best Methods for Using Sparklers to Celebrate Sporting Events

Image of Sparklers Being Used at a Sporting EventSince each type of sporting event is slightly different, there is no one answer to how they should be used. However, you will be using them at home, outside of the event, or during the event itself. If you are using them at home, you can follow pretty much any rules you’d like. Conversely, most stadiums won’t allow them inside; so it pretty much leaves using them outside. If you choose this method, please make sure you are being courteous to others around you. Additionally, make sure you are following all the key sparkler safety guidelines. As long as you aren’t being careless, they are typically welcomed as part of the celebration.

However, deciding which type of sparklers to use is more challenging and important. Certain types are not a great choice, while other types may work better depending on your use. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types and whether or not they are a good fit.

Traditional Sparklers

Traditional sparklers are available almost everywhere, and they are the most common type to use. Most of the time, you’ll only find short sparklers at your local stores. They work great for at-home celebrations with a few guests attending. However, if you look hard enough you can also find 20 inch sparklers that will extend the celebration time dramatically. They are still very safe and easy to handle around medium-sized groups, but they last twice as long. These options are always my top picks for almost any situation.

Long Sparklers

Of course, there are plenty of consumers who won’t be satisfied with a version that’s only twenty inches long. For those of you who like to buy the biggest, there are 36 inch versions available to dominate the situation. As the longest sparkler you can buy, these suckers last almost four minutes! However, while their size and duration are impressive, they are not very practical.

First, you have to haul them around all day. The sheer size of them makes this incredibly inconvenient. Next, they are too long to use comfortably around groups of people. It’s far too easy to bump into other people so it limits your fun. Lastly, their duration can actually be a big drawback. When using sparklers to celebrate sporting events, it should be exciting yet short-lived. By choosing a long version, you may be stuck holding them for much longer than you’d like.

Bottle and Cake Versions

Image of a Woman Lighting Sparklers on a CakeIf you want to change things up for your celebration, another popular choice is to attach sparklers to a bottle and present it to your guests. The version that you need for this type of presentation is not traditional, and it will require some digging to find a supplier. However, not only can they be used on bottle, but they can also be used as cake sparklers for a variety of occasions. So, you can buy more than you need and keep a few on hand for other purposes. Buying in larger quantities is the best way to get a great price, so it’s a helpful tip.

Color Versions

Color sparklers are very appealing because they add a twist to the traditional versions. Imagine you could get items that sparkled in the same colors as your team’s colors! Fortunately, there are several different types of colors sparklers available and one option is bound to make nicely. However, the color pigments create a lot of smoke, so using them in crowds can be dangerous. Unless you’re having a small gathering at your home, color versions are usually not the best choice for this purpose.

LED Sparklers

Lastly, there is one version that is by far the most versatile and safe. However, they are also not considered as much fun as traditional versions. Of course, I’m talking about LED sparklers! Essentially, they are small LED wands that simulate the lighting patterns of regular sparklers. The good news is that they are okay to use everywhere, plus they are reusable. So, you can use them as many times as you like for all your favorite sporting events! However, they are much more expensive and certainly lack the luster created by the real deal. In the end, you need to balance if their versatility is more valuable than their limited performance.

Is Using Sparklers to Celebrate Sporting Events a Good Choice for Me?

Since every sport is different, only you can decide if using sparklers to celebrate a sporting event is a good fit. However, I hope I laid out a good thesis for why they can be a great addition. Just remember to consider other people when making your decision, and always be safe. Additionally, have a plan in place ahead of time so you can choose the version that best suits your needs. If you need some ideas, be sure to check out our inspiration section. Above all else stay safe, have fun, and I’m rooting for your team!