Many couples dream about different ways to use sparklers as part of their wedding celebration. However, a large percentage of weddings take place indoors. Since most people think of sparklers as an “outdoors only” item, many couples give up on the idea almost immediately. However, using sparklers indoors can be a safe and magical addition to your wedding celebration. As long as you follow the safety protocols and choose the right wedding sparklers to use indoors, you can enjoy a fun experience without any issues. Here’s everything that you need to know.

Safely Using Your Wedding Sparklers Indoors

Safety is incredibly important at a wedding, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize yourself or your guests. The good news is that almost everyone has used sparklers before in the past, so usually you won’t have too many problems. However, it’s still good to follow all the best practices, so here is a brief list you should go through before you plan on using sparklers indoors at your wedding.

Choosing the Right Type of Wedding Sparklers

Before you even consider using sparklers indoors at your wedding, you need to make sure you know what to buy. They need to be smokeless sparklers otherwise you run the risk of filling your ceremony or reception area with smoke. I’ll discuss the specifics of which wedding sparklers work best at an indoor wedding in the next section, but keep in mind that choosing the correct type is paramount for a safe experience.

Choosing a Location to Use Sparklers Indoors

Using sparklers indoors is relatively safe, but you still need to be careful around potential fire hazards. For instance, you wouldn’t want people flailing around lit wedding sparklers with paper decorations hanging from the ceiling, Even artificial plants that could be damaged or start a fire. Find an area indoors that is very open and has good overhead clearance. With no obstacles nearby, your guests can enjoy the experience without any worries.

Have Fire Extinguishers and First Aid On Hand

Anytime you use sparklers or fireworks, you should have fire extinguishers and first aid supplies on hand. This goes double since you’re using them indoors. It’s not very likely that you’ll need to use either one if you follow the basic safety guidelines. However, you always need to be prepared in case something unexpected happens.

Properly Extinguish Your Wedding Sparklers

A sparkler can appear to be completely finished burning, but they can be misleading. However, they can sometimes still carry a hot ember for quite a while after they stop sparkling. Make sure you have buckets of water or sand for your guests to place their used wedding sparklers into. This will make sure they are completely extinguished and no longer present a threat.

Which Wedding Sparklers Can I Use Indoors?

Which Wedding Sparklers Can I Use Indoors?While there are a number of things that make a sparkler safe for indoor use, there are two main criteria to pay close attention to. First, they need to have a wire handle instead of wood. Second, they need to burn in the color gold completely devoid of any additional color pigments. These two criteria are what make for completely smokeless wedding sparklers, and that is what you need for indoor use. Here’s a rundown of your available options if you want to use sparklers indoors at your wedding.

10 Inch Wedding Sparklers

10 inch wedding sparklers are the most affordable option you can buy, and they are completely smokeless. They don’t last as long as most of the other options for indoor use, but they fit all the criteria for a safe and smoke-free experience.

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

20 inch wedding sparklers are a little more expensive than the 10 inch version, but they last quite a bit longer. They are a great mix of price and duration, and they are also considered a smokeless wedding sparkler.

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

36 inch wedding sparklers are the largest option for traditional stick-type sparklers that you can use indoors safely. They are the most expensive option, but they last long enough so your guests don’t need to light more than one. Like the 10 and 20 inch versions, they are also smokeless.

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Heart shaped sparklers are perfect for couples looking to have more decorative sparklers for their indoor wedding. They are shaped like hearts instead of the normal “stick” design, and they are still considered smokeless.

Number Shaped Sparklers

Similar to the heart shaped ones; number shaped sparklers are another unique option. Number sparklers can be used in a variety of special ways that other sparklers can’t, and they are still made with a wire handle and without color pigments so they won’t cause problems if you use them indoors.

Wedding Cake/Bottle Sparklers

If you want something more unique, you can choose either wedding cake sparklers or champagne bottle sparklers for your reception. They can transform your cake-cutting ceremony into a sparkling masterpiece or make a huge statement when preparing for your first champagne toast. They create more of a fountain-style effect than traditional sparklers, but they are still smokeless and can safely be used at an indoor wedding.

How to Use Sparklers Indoors at a Wedding

There are many ways to use sparklers indoors at a wedding, and each way has its own merits. Here are some common ways that wedding sparklers can be used indoors to add to the magic and wonder of your special day.

During the Ceremony

Some couples decide to use their sparklers during the wedding ceremony. You can use them instead of a sand ceremony or unity candle lighting. Additionally, you can have your guests light them right before the big kiss to create a great backdrop for your photos.

Grand Entrance

After the ceremony, it is customary to have a “grand entrance” into the reception where the newlywed couple is introduced for the first time as husband and wife. You can have your wedding party lineup where you plan to make your entrance to light the way to the head table using wedding sparklers.

Wedding Favors

Handing out sparklers as wedding favors is a simple and elegant option; especially if you are choosing to buy 10 inch wedding sparklers! You can place them in a bucket at your guestbook table for easy distribution. Also, you can place a few at each seat in the reception hall. Your guests can then use their sparklers indoors as they see fit throughout your celebration. Don’t forget to use accessories to dress them up for an elegant touch!


Using wedding sparklers in your centerpieces is another way to shake things up a bit. They are an inexpensive accent to flowers and candy that is normally found in table centerpieces. You can use your centerpieces as a way to hand out sparklers for a specific use at your wedding. Optionally, they can just be used as wedding favors.

Photo Props

You can create some pretty amazing effects in photos using sparklers, so they work really well as a prop. Even if you aren’t using sparklers indoors at your wedding, choosing smokeless wedding sparklers is still a great choice. They will keep your photos crisp, clear, and free from the haze that regular sparklers can create.

Send-Off Line

At the end of the evening, it is traditional to have a grand exit or send-off line. Many couples think of tossing rice or confetti for a send-off line, but using sparklers instead is another option. If you plan on using sparklers indoors, a send-off line is one of the most majestic ways to maximize their impact. Be sure to read our guide to using sparklers for your wedding exit for great inspiration!

Just because you plan to use your sparklers indoors at your wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t do something really amazing. There are plenty of great ways to use wedding sparklers indoors to make a huge statement. Just make sure you choose the right location in your venue, the right type of sparklers, and follow all safety guidelines. That will make using sparklers indoors at your wedding a fun and safe experience for everyone.


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