Welcome to the ninth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “Using Sparklers at Sunset”. Pictures can invoke a variety of emotions and tell a story all by itself. However, using some words to give it more depth can be incredibly beneficial. In this edition, I’ll take you on a journey through the events behind this picture so you can feel closer to the action. Let’s begin.

Sparklers are a cherished part of American culture, as well as cultures throughout the world. Typically, they are reserved for holidays and special events. In this story, they were used for a groom’s dinner the night before a wedding. Janice and Chuck desperately wanted to use sparklers at their wedding, but they just didn’t have room in their budget. So, with some creativity, they hatched a plan to use them the night before at the groom’s dinner. This allowed them still enjoy their sparklers while only having to buy for a small group of people. But it still required some careful thought and planning, and that is the real feature of this tale.

Deciding When to Use Their Sparklers

Typically, most people only use sparklers when it’s dark outside. However, it also can be fun to use them during the day! Chuck and Janice were planning to have a cocktail hour with their guests before dinner. Then, they wanted to eat and enjoy some fun activities. However, with their wedding happening early the next day, they didn’t want to stay up too late. So, they had a few tricky decisions to make. Fortunately, they weighed out the pros and cons to settle on sunset. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process they went through while brainstorming.

Using Them in the Daytime

Since they didn’t want to stay up too late, using their sparklers during the day was the first concept they toyed with. The big advantage here is that they would enjoy them early and be able to wrap up the party whenever they liked. However, they were afraid that it wouldn’t be very spectacular and would end up being very disappointing. Additionally, they didn’t want to do them before they fed their guests. So, in the end, they decided a daytime activity was not a very good fit for them.

Using Them at Night

Next, the couple entertained the idea of waiting until nightfall for their activity. Overall, using sparklers at night is the best option for visibility. However, since it was late June, sunset wasn’t until almost 8pm already. And, with the wedding bright and early the following day, this created a major time constraint. Waiting until 10pm to perform their activity was completely out of the question, so they had to put the brakes on this plan immediately. But if daytime was too early and nighttime was too late, what were they going to do?

Settling on Using Sparklers at Sunset

Image of People Using Sparklers with a Sunset in the BackgroundAfter weighing all the options, the only logical conclusion was using sparklers at sunset for the groom’s dinner. Sure, they wouldn’t be quite as dazzling as during the night; but they would still be much more entertaining than during the day. Additionally, it would be a great way to end their evening with an act to bring the bridal party closer together. And, if you look at the photos, it ended up being a great decision. They found the perfect balance to have a fun experience while also being able to get a good night’s sleep before their big wedding day.

Best Type to Buy When Using Sparklers at Sunset

Once they decided on sunset for their event, they wanted to make sure they were choosing the best sparklers for that time slot. Certain versions perform much brighter than others, so choosing correctly would make a huge difference. Additionally, they wanted it to be a very memorable event, so they wanted something that would really be dazzling. In the end, it came down to two options: color or gold sparklers. Here is how they weighed out their decision.

Color Sparklers

Color sparklers can be a fun twist for many situations, and it was actually the top choice for Janice and Chuck from the onset. Blue happened to be both of their favorite colors, so that was what they were hoping to settle on. However, after some research, they realized that color versions are typically not as bright. Since they were already going to be facing light pollution, this lowered their merits immediately. Additionally, colorful options are slightly more expensive, and they were on a very tight budget. After adding all of these things up, they decided that color versions were the wrong choice.

Gold Sparklers

After much deliberation, choosing a gold version was the only logical choice. They are much brighter, easier to find, and come in multiple different sizes. Since they wanted something memorable, the various size options were the biggest draw. Ideally, they wanted to choose 36 inch sparklers because they are the biggest and most spectacular. However, the 20 inch versions are also stunning and cost a fraction of the price. To save money, they ended up going with the shorter of the two options. In the end, both Chuck and Janice were very happy with their decision! And, as you can see in the photos; they had an amazing time with everyone from the bridal party.

Is Using Sparklers at Sunset the Best Choice?

For this couple, they settled on sunset through the process of elimination. Most people prefer to do them at night, but that simply wasn’t an option them. However, upon reflection, they told me that they would choose using sparklers at sunset again next time; even if they didn’t face the same time constraints. Only you can choose the best time to use your items at your event. However, it’s nice to know that sunset is not only a viable option; it’s actually a really great choice. This photo really highlights what you can expect to see, and that is why it inspired me to share this story.

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