Each year, there is one massive sporting event that makes all others look like small potatoes. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, of course; and it is watched by well over 100 million people worldwide. Though our products are widely accepted as the ultimate accessory for any gathering, using sparklers at a Super Bowl party doesn’t always occur to the average person. However, they can add just as much fun and excitement in this scenario as it can to any other type of event!

Ultimately, there are two types of situations when they can be included, and how you use them will differ depending on which one you’re in. Most people have home parties for the big game, but bars and restaurants also try things to bring in larger than average crowds. Here some popular ways to use them for your event broken down into home and business categories. Enjoy!

Using Sparklers at a Super Bowl Party at Home

Image of People Enjoying a Super Bowl Party at HomeMost people stay home for the big game to celebrate with their friends more affordably. Additionally, a lot of people enjoy cocktails or beers during the spectacle; and nobody wants to drive after they’ve had a few. As the most popular scenario for using our products, the ideas below will apply to the vast majority of people. Without further ado, here are my favorite ideas for using sparklers at your home-based event.

Hype-Up Your Guests During Pregame

Getting ready before the game starts is a major ritual for many football fans; especially if your favorite team is playing in the game. Historically, people have specific rituals for the pregame event including chants, songs, and even painting half their body in the team colors. Our products are a great accessory for any of these activities, and you can even use sparklers while you’re tailgating if you’re fortunate enough to have tickets for the game. No matter how you like to pregame, there’s always room for more excitement!

Light One Each Time Your Team Scores a Touchdown

Another way to include sparklers in your celebration is to light one each time your team scores a touchdown. You could also do it for field goals and safeties; but that can get a little much and be difficult to maintain throughout the game. However, imagine the fun of dueling back and forth since most parties include fans of both participating teams. It’s a fun way to embrace the rivalry without hurting anyone’s feelings.

A Memorable Dessert or Snack Decoration

Snacks, appetizers, and tasty treats go hand-in-hand with any football party. However, the Super Bowl is king of the largest spread you’ll enjoy all year! In fact, over 1.42 billion chicken wings will be consumed in that weekend alone! So, it only makes sense that you can use our products to liven up your offerings. The most conventional way to do it is to decorate a dessert using cake sparklers for a dramatic presentation. However, the same concept applies to appetizers and snacks of any variety.

Create an Interactive Halftime Show

The halftime show during the Super Bowl is arguably the biggest live musical performance of the year. Though the game is obviously important, a lot of people tune in just for the halftime extravaganza. To make it an interactive experience, all you need to do is hand out some sparklers to your guests and let the fun unfold! Ideally, you should probably do this type of activity outdoors. However, if you use good common sense, they can also be used indoors if it’s too cold outside or you can’t see and hear the television.

Distract the Kids

One of the easiest ways to have your big game party derailed is uninterested children running amok. Hopefully, your kids are old enough to actually sit and enjoy the match-up; but there are plenty of people that know this isn’t in their cards. Fortunately, you can safely use sparklers with your kids if they are old enough and you provide the proper supervision! Not only will they love the fun, but it will give you a much needed break from their loud behavior while you’re trying to relax.

Post-Game Celebration

When the dust settles and one team is victorious, it’s always fun to have a victory celebration. Even if your chosen team is on the losing end, using sparklers at a Super Bowl party can quickly turn your frown upside-down! Just take a deep breath, light one up, and watch as your happiness or sorrow just melts away. Okay, maybe it won’t completely take away the sting of losing; but I liken it to eating a big bowl of ice cream when you’re sick. It doesn’t actually fix the outcome, but it makes the medicine a little easier to swallow.

Using Sparklers at a Super Bowl Party at a Bar or Restaurant

Image of a Cocktail Garnished with a Bottle Sparkler at a BarOf course, not all of us enjoy hosting parties and making food for dozens of people. Personally, I prefer to head to my local tavern to enjoy the game with my drinking buddies. My favorite bar in town always has some interesting gimmicks going on during the Super Bowl, and they actually served as inspiration for some of my suggestions regarding using sparklers at a home party. Here are some ways you can use them at your bar or restaurant for a better experience.

Decorate Appetizers or Desserts

Just like at a home part, bars and restaurants can easily decorate a special offering with the help of a sparkler. Normally, you would use a cake sparkler as I described before. However, a lot of businesses prefer to go with traditional “stick” sparklers of a medium-size because they are easier to find and much cheaper to purchase. If you choose this style of product, it’s extremely important to pay close attention and do so responsibly. Sadly, too many businesses are incapable of doing this correctly; and that leads to accidents. If you aren’t going to do it right, you should skip the idea all together.

Party Favor for Customers

No matter what you’re celebrating or promoting, party favors are a great way to get everyone in the mood for fun. If you were having a Hawaiian-themed party, grass skirts and leis would be the appropriate choice. Since this is a football game, you would obviously think to go with something that fits the theme. However, there is quite a long history of using sparklers to celebrate sporting events of all types. So, using them for the Super Bowl really isn’t that strange. Just hand them out in a designated spot and let your customers enjoy them. It’s one of the cheapest items you can give to make their experience much more memorable.

Garnish a Special Cocktail

Having drink specials for large events at your bar is very common place. Usually, they are themed to the event or to embrace something nostalgic about the home team. Whatever angle you try, there needs to be something special in order to generate customer interest. Besides just slashing the price, choosing a fun garnish is an easy way to accomplish feat. One of the easiest methods is to garnish your cocktails with a sparkler to grab the attention of the whole room. After you sell and present just one, you’ll quickly see a lot of interest from your other patrons.

Bottle Service Promotion

Bottle service is a hallmark offering at many bars and nightclubs throughout the United States. You don’t necessarily need a special reason to have it on your menu, but you will definitely see more interest at events like a Super Bowl watching party. Most venues already garnish their offerings with bottle sparklers to make them more visible and appealing to high roller customers. However, consider attaching two or three of them during the big game to make it even more alluring. The industry tends to slow down in the weeks following the conclusion of the football season, so try to grab as much cash as possible.

Halftime Display

If the game happens to be very exciting, a lot of people will wait until halftime to head to the bar for a refill. To make the most of your impending rush, consider handing out a sparkler to each person as they wait for their libations. Not only will this give them something to do while they wait, it will allow them to feel like they’re participating in the halftime performance. Best of all, it will trigger even more customers to come get a refill; and that will increase your sales in a very dramatic way.

Post- Game Celebration to Retain Customers

Lastly, there’s one major dilemma that all bar and restaurant owners need to face when hosting a large gathering; customers tend to exit quickly as soon as it’s over. As the last big cash-in of the entire NFL football season, it’s important to keep them in their seats for as long as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to push for a post-game celebration to get at least one more purchase out of each guest. You can offer discounts on food and drinks immediately following the game, but consider doing something special like using sparklers as part of the activity. If you can find a gimmick that will get people to stay for another 15 minutes, it will certainly be evident when you review your sales for the day.

Are Super Bowl Sparklers Right for Your Party?

Whether you are having it at home or you own a bar and grill, deciding on using sparklers at a Super Bowl party isn’t always a simple choice. Obviously, there are laws you need to follow and safety concerns to keep in mind ahead of time. Overall, 20 inch sparklers are the safest for indoor use. However, all of our products can be used safely if you follow the instructions properly. In the end, you’ll need to balance out what makes the most sense for you and the type of party you are hosting. I hope you enjoy the upcoming Super Bowl excitement, and good luck on all the fun activities you have planned!