One of the most entertaining activities you can perform is a wedding exit. All of your friends and loved ones gather around you and send you off in the most decadent of fashions. For nearly a century, this tradition has included tossing confetti or rice; and some people even go as far as releasing live doves! However, there’s also a more modern twist that includes using sparklers instead of those other novelties. In fact, 20 inch sparklers for wedding exits show up at nearly 25% of all events held today. But, how does it work exactly? And, are there better sizes to use than the standard 20 inch length? Here is everything you need to know to perform the exit of your dreams.

Why Choose 20 Inch Sparklers for Wedding Exits?

Image of 20 Inch Sparklers for Weddings PackagingOne of the most common things I’m asked when people do their shopping is why the 20 inch length is so special. First, they last an ideal amount of time at 90 seconds for the average sized wedding. This time frame allows you to light around 100 sparklers and perform your send-off without rushing. Second, they are extremely easy to light and handle so everyone in attendance can participate. Lastly, the smoke-free design means you will have clear photos and can even perform the send-off indoors! Because of this, the reasons to choose 20 inch sparklers for your celebration couldn’t get much clearer.

Which Type of 20 Inch Sparklers Work Best?

Once you settle on using 20 inch sparklers for weddings exits, you need to decide which type you’ll use. Ultimately, there are 2 main types form which to choose. First, you have the traditional 20 inch gold version that most people are familiar with. They come elegantly packaged, create gold sparks, and have a smokeless design suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, the other option is neon colored sparklers that create vibrant colors to “wow” your guests. Neon sparklers offer a much better show, but they also tend to create a lot of smoke because of the intense colors. As long as you are having an outdoor event, the neon version will also work great.

How Many Guests Can Use Them at Once?

Another big consideration that you’ll need to consider is the size of your guest list. When using 20 inch sparklers for wedding exits, there isn’t really a limit per se. However, you need to get everything lit, people into position, and still have time for the send-off. The 20 inch length is usually perfect for events with up to 125 guests. That’s great news considering the average number of wedding guests is around 115 people as of the most recent data! If you plan on having a smaller attendance, you can probably choose something shorter. Conversely, if you are having 150 or more guests, sizing up may be in order. However, if you fall into the average category, these are the ideal length for your grand exit.

Can They be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors?

Image of 20 Inch Sparklers Used at an Outdoor Wedding ExitAs I mentioned before, some types of sparklers are suitable for indoor use while others are not. For indoor events, I always suggest you stick with traditional gold versions because they are smokeless. In fact, some of the best uses for 20 inch sparklers are at indoor weddings! However, if you are having the event outdoors, you have a lot more options at your disposal. You can use more vibrant items like color sparklers that will really make your grand exit more enjoyable. In summary, you can certainly use them at either indoor or outdoor celebrations without any issues. Just make sure you choose the right type for your needs to get the best results possible.

Are 20 Inch Sparklers the Safest Choice for a Send-Off?

Safety is always the most important thing, and weddings are a particularly bad time to have an incident. Nobody wants to end the celebration early because of a trip to the emergency room; particularly not the bride or groom! As such, before using 20 inch sparklers for wedding exits, you need to make sure you have all the appropriate things in place. Not only do you need the right safety equipment, you also need to practice ahead of time. Make sure to light a few sparklers before the big day so you know what to expect. Also, take a few minutes to explain the activity to your guests before you start. By following the basic 20 inch sparkler safety tips, you can ensure a fun-filled and safe day for you and your guests!

Is There a Better Option for Your Wedding Exit?

The last thing you need to consider carefully is if there is a better size option for your event. As I mentioned before, the length of the sparklers you choose directly correlates to how many guests will be attending. Typically, the real choice comes down to 20 inch vs. 36 inch sparklers for your event. The simplest way to determine which to choose is the number 125. If you are having fewer than 125 guests, then 20 inches is the perfect length. Conversely, for events with more than 125 guests, you’ll want to upgrade to the 36 inch option. They are virtually identical in their performance, but the 36 inch version lasts roughly twice as long. With so many guests trying to get organized, that extra time will prove to be your best friend.

As you can see, using 20 inch sparklers for wedding exits is one of the best was to enhance your big day. They are the perfect length for the average guest list size, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, they are easy to maneuver so you can greatly reduce the risk of injuries or property damage during your send-off. In my opinion, this should be the go-to size for nearly every couple looking to perform a wedding exit at their event. Good luck and thanks for reading!